Mute night time notifications (for BACS/DD/StandingOrders)

That is not the point of the thread. Perhaps read through it.


An ignore scheduled/usual payments toggle. :thinking:

Would be good if they could split credited/debited by type of payment too.

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I think the important thing in this situation is not contacting the bank to report and recover the fraud that has happened, but being able to freeze the card and prevent further fraud being carried out.


exacto-mundo @HoldenCarver

I’m not saying they don’t care, I’m saying that their inaction suggests that they aren’t that concerned.

The fact is, we have no idea whether or not they care.

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Could you not freeze your card before you sleep as a matter of course?

Or would that affect continuous payment authorities? (eg. I pay Google for my email and this is taken as an automatic debit card transaction every month.) If it does, put those transactions through a separate credit card perhaps?

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IFTTT card freeze :open_mouth: Nobody has suggested that yet!

I think there’s two things here and shouldn’t be conflated.

  • Stopping known transaction alerts that make your phone ding in the night.

  • Trying to do the banks job in being alert for any fraud attempts at any moment.

Even if Monzo made it so only unusual transactions went ding, theres no guarantee you will hear and act unless you are a very light sleeper.

Second regardless of if you catch and freeze or sleep through its the banks job to do the fraud and freezing if it suspects foul play.

Unless it can be proved you are have been grossly negligent with the security of your account the bank will reimburse the stolen amount.

So it might be best at this point to either use another bank for your salary/DDs, or just use the do not disturb feature of your phone and take it off your mind worrying about it and leave it to the bank.

The other pro tip is don’t keep all you money in you account, just enough for monthly spending, put the rest in savings. If you are an unlucky sod, and whatever cash was taken, then you can then have access to money whilst the bank sorts out the reimbursement.



I do this, I have a pot called “Rainy Day” and I keep most of my ‘on hand’ money in there. Means my balance always looks low (below £150) so I don’t spend money on frivolous things during the month ‘by accident’ :smiley:

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With Android’s “Do Not Disturb” feature you can mute notifications between a customised time range & selectively so one’s wake up alarm can activate as an exception. Similarly you can set customised phone contacts to ring whilst others remain silent.

Going back to the original subject; there is another topic which is similar:

I do think the idea of being able to select a “quiet time” when certain notifications are silent would be a better idea than the other two suggested options, with the DD, SO and other expected transactions are delivered but don;t wake you up.

The Apple one is similar but not identical. I guess the point is that because you may still want SOME monzo notifications but not all, the configuration needs to be within the app (at least in part).

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More configuration would certainly be good. In an ideal world I’d want no notifications(well certainly no sound) on normal use, but notifications with sound for declined transactions, or when my balance gets low. For now on iOS I’ve tuned off sound for Monzo

Agreed…Android does allow much more customisation of notifications than IOS.

Due to an ongoing issue between Mastercard and Monzo I am often double charged from self service in Tesco and at 1am -1.15am every night without fail I get the correct overcharge credit back about 1 week later. Given I use Tesco daily this 1am notification has become frustrating.

I’ve been able to mute credit notifications given its rare and far happier not waking up every night.

However I agree with the OP, would love the already great app to offer me more flexibility with night time notification

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I mute overnight notifications on iOS using Do Not Disturb.

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My phone is always on silent but vibrates, when I go to sleep it’s set up DND. If anyone needs me in an emergency if they ring 3 times successively the ringer is automatically switched on.

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Same. However I also have a favorites list that allows calls to come straight through.

I think actually now you’ve said that I’ve got certain contact’s that will come through, then any other numbers not on that will trigger the volume on if they ring multiple times

Edit it’s obviously been a while since I set it up :sweat_smile:

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Totally 100% second this.
I don’t like to put my phone on silent because I have an unstable family member I like to know can contact me at any time.
I don’t want to turn the notifications off because it’s so helpful, I’ve spotted a fraud during the day once and it was so easy to halt. The notifications through the night need to just be “unexpected” ones I guess!

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I don’t know what phone you have but most phone’s have a decent DND these days.

Only stared contacts only allowed through, scheduled on/off. Same number within a short time etc

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