Make some notifications optional

(Nathan Page) #1

In Android it’s possible to filter app notifications through a nice Android settings page. For Monzo, a variety of notifications have been categorised nicely so that you can turn on/off notifications for account credit/debit, actions, spending reports, important things, etc.

It would be really super handy if it were possible to filter notifications for certain types of credits/debits.

Repeating payments / standing orders / direct debits, for example, are something that some people care about and some people don’t (or might even care about on a case by case basis). Whilst some people want to know that their rent has gone out, for example, other people are happy that their mortgage is going out and they don’t need to be notified. This might be a tricky one to get right and make everyone happy, but with a bit of thought there’s a good resolution somewhere I reckon.

Similarly, “Active card check” notifications can be a little distracting, so it would be handy if you could turn those off.

What do you think?

Configuration options for certain notifications
(Adam Kendrew) #2

I definitely think this should be an option! :+1:

(Andre Borie) #3

I would like something like this but handled by the app itself since iOS doesn’t support notification categories - it’s all or nothing.


This has been suggested a few times in past (Selective Notifications, Configuration options for certain notifications) - I agree with the suggestion.

This what I posted back in Nov’17.

(Chris) #5

Would be good to turn it off on a vendor by vendor basis.

If you use Monzo for contactless TfL transactions, you’ll get a notification at 4am in the morning when TfL collects the money for the previous day’s travel.

I also get paid at 2am in the morning, would be good to silence that notification.

I don’t want to turn off notifications during the night generally, if someone steals my card and starts using contactless, I want to know about it.