Monzo Plus Plastic Waste diversion

A good point - I was about when I saw the coral card one day and just typed in ‘orange debit card’ into Google.

As long as no one asks any questions it’s a solid strategy…

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I agree with this completely, beside any environmental impact, replacing the card is throwing money away for the sake it. The card costs roughly £4, Monzo gained £15 from the customer; profit.

That said, I genuinely don’t get the fuss over a bit of plastic. That it’s considered a perk is quite a stretch to me, and I find the need to remove this “perk” from those who cancel to be nonsensical. Surely people are not going to keep paying £5/month for what is essentially a “prettier” way to access their account?

I get some people clearly appreciate the card design and banks use this to differentiate premium products, but we’re not exactly talking about some design masterpiece that will gain you access to the higher echelons of society. On top of this, with the move to contactless and mobile payments, the card is less important now than ever.

Those saying other banks do it, that may be the case and I was disappointed when Nationwide did this. Not only is it wasteful but it also just seems petty and spiteful to spend money to actively punish you for cancelling. In contrast, Barclaycard didn’t do this and I continued to use the card until it expired without even noticing.

Just my opinion. I’m sure many will disagree. :+1:


People can just not order the new card?


Did someone from Monzo give this value?

The last I saw (for Investor cards back in 2018) was:

Clearly this value will be different 18 months later and with a different card design just interested what the actual cost is.

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To my knowledge what you’ve quoted is the only time someone from Monzo has mentioned card costs. The cost of this new Plus one hasn’t been mentioned.

I took this value from @Revels who I believed mentioned it was something quoted by Monzo in the past. It does seem somewhat high, but the point is still the same.

Yeah, sorry, didn’t mean that question to undermine your point - I was just interested - I haven’t got round to reading all of the Plus thread yet to thought it might be in there.

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I hope this is taken in the jest it’s meant but this is what I love about the randomness of the Monzo forum, here we’re debating about how it’s unethical for Monzo to waste plastic like this and in the my Card is already open thread, we’re ordering as many cards as it takes to get a perfect envelope :slightly_smiling_face:


The two are completely different issues. One is cancelling a card to keep your piece of plastic “exclusive” while the other is a potential security issue exposing you to the possibility of fraud for which you are liable through negligence

Not the same at all


Rather than focusing in on a small detail and comparing banks on one small policy (replacement of cards, once you withdraw from premium service) Wouldn’t a better focus to be on campaigning that all financial institutions are required to complete carbon footprint assements, broken down by carbon cost per customer and publish them?

Then we can all make choices, based on our own personally perspective and have a comparison across institutions to choose who we bank with.

It would then be easy for the environmentally savvy individuals to spot the impact on new products, so financial institutions would change their behaviour and be conscious of their impact when making business decisions.

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Is Monzo joining the Mastercard card programme to switch to greener alternatives?


I’ve just cancelled my Plus subscription within the 14-day cooling off period. I didn’t order a Plus card because I knew there was a reasonable chance I would cancel the subscription during the cooling off period.

Cancellation was easy and I instantly received £5 refund as per cooling T&Cs. However, the cancellation has resulted in Monzo automatically issuing me with a new Coral card. It seems the cancellation process has no awareness of whether or not a Plus card was issued, so I now have to replace my working Coral card with a new Coral card.


:weary: This is just awful. Automatic waste generating version 1. Also very inconvenient for people having to update card details. Why Monzo, why ?


Because it’s out of Monzo’s control. If you get a new bank/credit card with any bank in this country you’ll get a new card number :man_shrugging:t2:

Edit: Although i stand by my point - was incorrect to the post a couple above.

In the situation I mentioned (two posts back) there was no need for Monzo to issue a replacement card. Plus card was not taken. Old Coral card was still working. The issuing of the new card in this case seems to be due to lack of awareness in the cancellation flow of whether or not a Plus card was previously issued.


Do you? Can’t you just put the new one in a drawer in case you lose the current one?

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Don’t know. Never had a replacement card from Monzo before (aside from when prepay card was replaced with proper bank card). But chat support has advised to destroy and discard the old card when the new one arrives.

Fair - my bad

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You’d have to live with that “activate your card” banner in the app forever and hope that, while monzo have forgotten that you didn’t get a new holographic card and forced you to have a new hot coral card, they’ve also remembered that you didn’t get a holographic card and aren’t about to cancel your old card :face_with_monocle:

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This and you can’t see your “contactless until C&P” limit. I’m living with this on my JA at the moment.