SCA Limit Not Displayed While Replacement Card Isn't Activated

Issue: If you have a card on order but not yet activated then on the “Spending and Card Limits” page the “Contactless until Chip & PIN” item isn’t displayed. SCA is still being tracked as notifications to use Chip & PIN next time are still displayed.

Details to reproduce:

  • On the carousel navigate to relevant card with the “Activate” button displayed
  • Select Account
  • Select “Spending and Card Limits”
  • Contactless until Chip & PIN is missing

OS: OxygenOS 10.0.3
Device: OnePlus 7 Pro
App Version: 3.20.0 & 3.21.0


Why would it be there when the card isn’t active?

Because the card they are using is still active, and the replacement hasn’t arrived?


Ahh, that makes sense :man_facepalming:

I’m not 100% sure that the new card is strictly relevant. My iOS screen doesn’t show the limit either, and hasn’t for some months.

I put it down to not using the card. I honestly cannot remember the last time I used my Monzo card contactless. It might have been as far back as November. It was certainly before March. I definitely used it in an ATM in February, and I think that was the last time the card was used.

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When I posted this originally the only thing that had happened was ordering a new card and I was inadvertently sent 2. I activated the first one but the second one I’ve kept as a backup rather than wasting it.

This could be another bug and/or iOS specific. I’ve not used my personal account card in at least 3 months (above bug happened on my JA card) and I can still see the “Contactless until Chip & PIN” limit.

I have a replacement card I haven’t activated yet and I can see the limit so looks like this is fixed. That said, I’ve got no idea why it’s saying I’ve spent 4p today, I definitely haven’t.

Could be a transaction in a diff currency that has settled?


Ah yes it is, a transaction from yesterday has settled and was 4p more expensive than Monzo initially expected. Thanks!


:scream: Doesn’t show for me still. Are you on :android: beta or regular version?

Edit: just did a re-install and same thing; there’s either some unique bug with my account or there was some unique issue that’s now been fixed but left my replacement in a strange state in the back-end.

There’s something going on in the background. For months now, my Joint Account showed the Contactless limit but my Personal one didn’t show it.

However, since updating to Plus, the limit display has returned on my Personal account.

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I’m on the Google Play beta, but I’m not sure it’s a different version. My app version is 3.44.0

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Yeah same for me. As @davidwalton says this seems to be back-end related and not card replacement related as I had thought. I’ll raise with chat post back with the response.

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