Monzo Plus Holographic Card

Hi there, unsure if this would be the correct place to bring this up.

Way back when Monzo had originally opened up their “plus” features I subscribbed almost instantly, after this they suspended plus and took away all benefits, however I stuck with it because I really just wanted to support Monzo in building their Bank. Later on they introduced what we now know to be Plus and I switched to this when it became available and got the holographic card.

In January of 2021 my financial situation changed and I unsubcribed from things I didn’t really need. Monzo was unfortunatly one of these, I didn’t think there would be any issues, however since a couple of days ago, almost every time I open the app, it tells me I need to order a new card as the one I have is exclusive to Monzo Plus, now this would be absolutely fair enough if I had only just gotten the card but it’s been so long since me originally getting it and I have been unsubscribbed for a year too, changing it now just seems silly to me. The card expires next year anyway! Why not just let it run its course?

Am I wrong in thinking this is a little silly/unfair? If anything it’s a waste of plastic.

Because like it or not it’s in the terms and conditions of upgrading / downgrading. It’s been discussed before and doubtful anythings going to change

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I thought card stopped working after two weeks of downgrading? Or is that just downgrading from premium (metal card).

I don’t disagree with this, I just find it strange that 12 months later they decide to start popping up


According to the terms, it’s supposed to be 2 weeks but apparently this didn’t happen on my account, very strange

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Looks like the system at monzo missed you then, looking at the other response of it being 12 months

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Must have done. If I’ve got to order a new card then I will, just very odd aha

Probably a mix up with the old Plus.

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Are some people still on old plus or where they all moved over to new plus?

Just for clarity - did you open/use the :monzo: app at any time between January 2021 and a couple of days ago?

All the time, Monzo is my main bank account, probably opened it at least 6 out of 7 days a week

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Thanks for the clarification.

If you subscribed to Plus (v1) or Plus (v2)/Premium, then canceled the subscription, your Hot-Coral/Lagoon-Blue/Midnight-Sky (Plus v1) or Hot-Coral/ Holographic-Blue (2020+ Plus v2) or White-Metal (2020+ Premium) card is replaced with a regular Hot-Coral card.
It’s all about the 16-digit card number and what it entitles you to, if anything.

As others have said, it is strange why it has taken so long for the in-app pop-ups to appear.

The old Plus was closed at the end of Dec 2020… You had to sign up to the new Plus, there was no automatic move over. I guess due to the price increase etc.

I’m still using my old Plus card on the new Plus account… I did go for a period of 5 months without Plus and nothing happened to my card. Still works :slight_smile:

FWIW I agree with the strange “nature” of having a different coloured card as a “benefit” of having plus, but here we are…

I agree also that if you do get plus, the card but then downgrade the card should still work, since you’re not getting any of the real features of plus anyway.

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