Want to keep metal card after cancelling monzo premium after 13 months and paying £195

I’ve been paying for monzo premium now for over a year and it’s not been useful for me atall. What i do like is the meta card, now when i went to cancel the subscription it says that your card will be cancelled. What? Thats so ridiculous why would you cancel my card after I’ve been a premium account monzo member for over a year

If you stop paying a subscription you lose the benefits of that subscription? I’m not sure what is so shocking about that.


It’s not misleading because you didn’t read it properly.

Premium = You have a premium card
Not Premium = You don’t have a premium card.

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revolut lets you keep the metal card. id understand if after a month i wanted to cancel and they wanted their card back, but if ive been a memebr for over a year id naturally expect to keep it.

Interesting that you need to return the metal card! A good thing assuming they recycle and reuse!

Does anyone know if they provide free postage and envelope for that along with your replacement card? Otherwise I’d be peeved having to go out of my way to source and pay for an envelope and stamp.

Do they come after you if Royal Mail lose it? Or if you just don’t send it back? I’d have wanted to keep it for my collection if I ever get premium.

its not interesting, its deceiving. i actually thought at the end i will atleast get to keep the metal card. ive paid £195 and the message monzo is sending me that im not worth atleast their metal card?

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Frankly if you sign up to a service without reading the T&Cs then you can only blame yourself.


That’s not very nice to say.
You should always read some part of t&c especially if it’s to do with something financial.

For all you know you could of signed your life away?

Gotta laugh at the attitude of some people on here, moans about something cause they didn’t bother to read it and expects everyone to bend to there way of thinking anyway.

You question has been answered the card is part of the membership lose the membership lose the card. Stay with revolut and use the metal card they provide.

Inb4 thread locked :slight_smile:


I think it’s both. Interesting because I didn’t know until now. Deceiving because they hide that fact away in a small print no one reads rather than just tell you up front.

Do those who are made to pay the cost for the metal card, for whatever reasons that are stated in the terms have to return it too? It just doesn’t seem fair or reasonable to me. Cancelling the card is one thing. Mandating a return is a step too far in my view.

Though I’ll say it again, if the purpose is to recycle it, and it’s not actually mandated (I.e. there’s no sanction for not returning it) it’s probably a good thing. But they make it sound like it’s a necessity, meaning if you don’t, you’re not in compliance with the terms,

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its deceiving. do you not understand that? i have alot of things on my hand, i dont have time to be reading monzos membership terms and conditions.

As the card is part of that membership perk, I would expect to lose that if I stopped paying.

Otherwise you could signup, and cancel once you got it.

I would expect to go back to the normal card.

I wouldn’t expect to return it, just cut it up once the new card was activated.

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The return must be a new thing? Way back when I used this I didn’t have to return it.

… at least I didn’t.


you dont think its worth me keeping after being a member for 13 months and paying £195?

But you didn’t just pay that for the card. You paid that for other benefits like travel and device insurance etc


You ve spent almost £200 on something without really reading what you are getting. If you are too busy to read what you are paying your money for, then that was your decision.

It wasn’t deceiving, though, it was clearly written before you signed up. Being rude to people isn’t going to change their opinion or the situation.

There’s nothing more to this really.


no i actually paid for the card. i didnt really care about the benefits

To be fair I can see both sides of this, both the OP and Monzo.

I wouldn’t say it’s deceiving but I can also see the point of it being a physical benefit and not the same as a subscription benefit.

Then again I was a proponent of the ability for anyone to purchase a metal card should they wish to, so what do I know :man_shrugging:


Yes, I would too. But return something that part of your payments were to pay for, after your minimum term has ended?

Would be like a mobile provider trying to take my my phone back off me after the contract is ended, because I want to go on PAYG.

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I wonder if that is a security thing because you can’t cut through the chip like you normally are told to do?

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