Monzo Plus Plastic Waste diversion

This is pretty bad . I mean how much more waste can we create ? It’s completely unnecessary :exploding_head:

If you don’t want a new card, don’t opt for one. Don’t opt for a hologram card if you’re less likely to keep the Monzo Plus longer term.

The waste is created due to people’s actions, not down to fault of Monzo. You can’t expect to pay for 3 months and keep a limited edition card indefinitely.


Very wasteful for the card to be cancelled and another one to be sent out, not very enviromentaly friendly!

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The waste is also minimal when compared to the average weekly throw-out of most households in the country.

I don’t understand getting precious about a card when it’s a fraction of a fraction of the problem. Sure it helps but there’s so so much that’s more important and effective that should be done first.


I don’t disagree, but the person that chose to do that is just as much to blame. You can’t expect to cancel Netflix + retain all the access can you? :man_shrugging:

If you don’t want waste, then either don’t get a new card, or just stick with Monzo Plus longer term.

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I’m sorry but I have to agree to disagree. If you have Monzo plus let’s say for a year and after that year you decide to cancel it , there is no real reason for Monzo to cancel that card . It’s just wasteful . With the current offering £5x12 should be plenty to cover the cost of the card. Replacing it it’s just unnecessary and wasteful. Waste management needs to happen not only from the bottom up but also from the top down .


If you cancel it in a year, then you shouldn’t retain the rights to the perks. Your other perks will be removed, or do you think you should still retain access to your custom categories, and the virtual cards?

Just because it’s physical, doesn’t mean that you should be allowed to retain usage of it.

Also, if you’re getting a new card after 1 year, then I think that’s a lot lower than the current churn rate for some people that lose them, or damage them.

The other option is, if you think you’re going to cancel, just don’t choose a Plus card, until your current one expires.


It’s not about keeping it as a perk, it’s just wasteful for another card to be issued. It’s the small amounts of unessicery waste that add up and cause a problem!


Don’t bin the card, keep it, then it’s not waste. :man_shrugging:


Right. Cuz don’t we all want a new plastic card to add to our collection . What argument is this ? :roll_eyes:

The same nonsense argument that you’re providing. :man_shrugging: If you want to reduce waste, then don’t request a card it’s as simple as that. Or, reduce waste in other areas of your life to compensate for the very slight increase in waste.

I find people’s fight over bank cards being a huge environmental issue as odd, when there are so many other environmental contributors that are much bigger issues.


And this is why we are where we are, People think that it’s ok to not to think about waste on their level, because that’s other people’s problem…
I’m not talking about the Monzo plus cards, I’m talking about all the unnecessary replacement cards that Monzo will send out Automatically for not apparent reason when people cancel their Monzo plus. I’m not talking about keeping other perks. But you should be able to keep that card after a let’s say a 12 month paid subscription.
It’s not benefitting ANYONE to replace it.


“Evaluating the environmental impact of debit card payments”

At roughly 75%, POS terminals take up the largest share of a debit card payment’s total environmental impact, mainly due to their materials (37%), represented largely by the printed wiring board, and integrated circuit, and energy consumption (27%). The contribution of the debit card to the environmental impact is 15%, with the base materials needed to produce them, specifically PVC, being the key components. The processing of a debit card payment by a datacentre accounts for around 11% of the total environmental impact. Its principal component is energy consumption.

Maybe in future the Monzo Plus card could be optionally eco-friendlier?

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I don’t disagree. It is just a little hypocritical when Monzo claim to be using packaging that is environmental friendly and not including stickers because it is more green. Yet with previous iterations of Plus you kept the card when you cancelled. It makes no difference to me, but I can see why it can bug people.


The problem is that the new Plus product is largely worthless. Monzo’s willingness to pay to send you a replacement card when you cancel Plus is a reflection of the fact that other Plus features might not be worth paying for.

Don’t cancel plus then

My card has lasted a year and I’ve only had to order a replacement due to the chip not always reading when I need to use chip and pin. (Happened a few times)

Some people requested new cards over the colour being off so this is not as bad in my mind.

Not at all. They’ve set a 3 month minimum for people to try it. They could have made that a year. There is absolutely no reason to replace the card again.

If I join Plus, I’m covering the cost of the card and all the features. They don’t have to replace the card, it’s not like that card gets you secret entry in Hogwarts. It does nothing different.

Part of the reason I’m not joining is this. I think it’s a bit petty (and very wasteful) to send out another coral card for the sake of it. But it also means I’ll need to change my card number twice for a service I’m not really sure I’d get the use from.


Although true they don’t need to send a new card out if you cancel the trial.

It is part of the offering of plus is the card - so if you’re cancelling a service/product why should a customer get to keep that ? Doesn’t make sense on a business perspective.

If you were concerned about not wanting to waste a piece of plastic (which is completely understandable) you could not request a new card if you’re not sure about keeping Plus or not.

Is there more Monzo could do ? Yea sure, every company has. Though there are different means of doing so, also this needs to be a decent launch for them so they can work on the next options for future Plus plans (insurance add ons etc).
So making the card an exclusive item of the plan is just one of those things. The good thing is that they’re giving an option to not order it if you’re unsure about how long you’ll be a play customer or if you didn’t want another card :blush:

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When you sign up do you get the option to just keep your existing card if you wish?