Monzo Plus Card.. Confusion

I’m sure I asked the question when plus was first launched (well newest version) and was told if we cancelled plus we would keep the holographic card. Now it seems like people who have cancelled is being reverted back to the hot Coral card? :thinking:

Not sure what I would have paid the £15 for then sadly after the 3 months passed, only feature I really like is virtual cards!

That’s always been the case


I suppose the other way to look at it

Why should you keep using a card which is specific to Plus and it’s subscription if your no longer paying the fee.

I completely get the removal of the card as you’re no longer a plus customer but from an environment point of view, it’s awful. We’re killing our world will plastic, a better outcome would be to just extend the card till it’s wears out or expires.


On the old Monzo Plus (version 2, I think?) I cancelled and while I lost the plus “features” the card remained active and I used it right up until it broke.

Whereas in this plus, the card appears to be one of the features of plus, which I part get, and as you say has to be replaced when you cancel, which I don’t. Apart from the environmental impact, this surely has to be costing Monzo…

EDIT: Made it super clear the line between new and old plus

I think people focus too much on how cards look and not enough on what they actually do.

I never joined Monzo back in 2017 for the hot coral card. I joined for what they offered, and stayed when it converted to current account.

Whether the card is hot coral or blue in my wallet makes no difference to me at all (other than to differentiate it between other cards in there).

But then, I mainly used GPay at the tills, so cards rarely see light of day :man_shrugging:

Footnote: I am not a Plus member. Nothing of value for me there.

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Yes but this thread is about new plus


But no-one is talking about the old Monzo Plus, so no untruths have been told.

With Mozno Plus as it is not, it has always been the case that the holographic card is cancelled if Monzo Plus is cancelled, and no-one from Monzo has ever said or even hinted at otherwise.

I didn’t read the post fully, I’ve edited

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