Plus and Replacement Cards

Long story short: I subscribed to Monzo Plus, realised that actually it was pretty pointless for me and cancelled. This was al within about 10 minutes. (at least I ended up getting Trends I guess)

During the Plus signup, I ordered a holographic card because my current one is dirty and why not, I was paying for it.

Now I’ve cancelled, the card order is still showing as pending in the app.

My question is: when that card arrives (if indeed it will still be sent), will I be able to activate it and use it or will I get it and have to cut it up because it’s useless?

I tried to ask support but they’re closed at this time of night.

The plus card will be useless because you don’t have a subscription. I’m pretty sure as long as you don’t activate it, you’re current one (even though dirty) will carry on being active.