Monzo Plus - Flash Poll(s)!

Edit: the flash poll is now closed. Instead, vote in the Big Plus Poll!

Because everyone loved the night-before-Plus polls, I thought that now is the time for a flash poll to see what the Community thinks about Plus!

Only open until midnight Sunday: :four: questions: on your marks, get set, go!

Have you subscribed to Monzo Plus?

  • Yes
  • No

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If you didn’t, why not?

  • Too expensive
  • No, or not enough, features of interest
  • Disagree with paywalling features
  • Something else

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If you did, will you stick with it?

  • Yes - it’s fine as it is
  • Yes - if I get new features
  • No
  • Unsure

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Top 3 Monzo Plus features?

  • Other accounts, in Monzo
  • Interest on balance and regular pots
  • Custom categories
  • Holographic card
  • Virtual Cards
  • Advanced Roundups
  • Credit Tracker
  • Offers
  • Auto-export transactions
  • One free cash deposit per month
  • Fee-free withdrawals abroad

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And the big one… What do you want next in Plus?

  • Categories, notes and the Monzo experience for connected accounts
  • Budgeting across connected accounts
  • Reorder connected accounts
  • More connected account providers (tell us who below)
  • Export connected accounts to Google Sheets
  • Virtual cards linked to Pots
  • New app icon(s)
  • Dedicated Monzo Plus community section
  • More card colour options
  • Priority support
  • More round-up options (tell us what below)
  • Change Monzo.Me username
  • Switch off green background on accounts page
  • All 3 credit agency scores in app
  • Metal card
  • Travel insurance
  • Mobile phone / gadget insurance
  • Change date of Monzo Plus subscription
  • Pay Monzo Plus from pot
  • Native IFTTT
  • Something else (tell us what below!)

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Two things I voted for to explain here:

  1. More connected account providers - Marcus, PayPal & PayPal credit, and stock provider integrations such as Freetrade to keep an eye on my portfolio.

  2. Something else - Monzo have realised their strength is in software and that advancements are worth charging for. They’ve also shown willingness to add more granular controls for budgeting with custom categories. Building on this foundation, I would like to see them add some advanced options to subscriptions and budget periods.
    When I subscribe to things I’m often asked to select my frequency in terms of weeks, and can range anywhere from 1 all the way up to 52. I would like the same controls for managing subscriptions in Monzo so it can better sync with those services. Likewise the same options for budget periods would be nice too. Perhaps even the ability for a continuous next 30 day rolling option that’s constantly looking up to 30 days into the future like Simple bank do.


Connect Amex please!


Good shout (and a good subject for another poll :bar_chart:). I was looking at the new Money Dashboard and they have connections to Nutmeg, Pension Bee, Wealthify and WiseAlpha amongst others) so it’s certainly possible. For my part, I’d be keen to have Starling, Freetrade, T212 and Coventry Building Society on board. I’d also like to hook into Zoopla (or another PropTech)'s API so I can track the value of my home, too…


If Amex came, I would be much more likely to purchase

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I forgot changing link was in old plus. Curious why they didn’t chuck it in this one as well. As I assume all the code is still there

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They’ll probably add it soonish. I imagine they might have held back for now as it probably requires some human validation+ extra COps involvement. Unless it’s now a metal only feature.

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I voted for a couple of Something Elses - this would be all of them:

  • I’d like to have More IFTTT triggers - any account ‘action’ would be great as a trigger. Literally any discrete account action I would love to see as it’s own trigger. (I don’t think Native is realistic as I want more from IFTTT than just potentially pot moving). That said the Auto Export goes some way to facilitating that if you’re inclined to play with GSheets. And so far I am

  • More Pots (though I think this should be a core feature).

  • Nested Categories

  • And finally overhauled Budgeting - with an Envelope Budgeting / YNABy flavour to it.

  • And I guess also Joint Account functionality - I do think the budget related stuff should apply to Personal and Joint equally. As a user, I don’t really have proper “advanced budgeting controls” if a good 25%+ of my transactions are stuck in Basic Mode.

I’m medium happy with it so far - I think the decider of keep or not will be:

  • Do VCards improve in function by the end of the first 3 months.
  • Do I get my Dashboard set up the way I want to make the Google Export worth it. (i.e. does this save me money)

Also, great poll


Some really solid budgeting feature would be a really attractive feature.


I voted that I’ll keep it if I get new features. What I’m hoping for is that in the next three months, they’ll add more open banking partners (Amex please), allow budgeting and transfers both ways. That’s all I want and I’ll happily pay them £5 a month


I like the customisable categories. But I want to be able to delete and reorder them


I’ve cancelled already :grimacing:

The connected accounts feature provide a nice overview in theory but, in practice, my car finance, mortgage, primary credit card, and savings account are all absent from the list. Among the accounts which are supported, there’s scope to provide some great spending insights but Monzo Plus doesn’t offer this service (yet?).

The interest is nice but I’d be paying £5 and getting (up to) £1.66 in return makes little sense.

Foreign money withdrawals - not really an issue at the moment and increasingly I pay by card while abroad.

The card is pretty nice but I use Apple Pay for most things now. (Caveat, I really don’t like how the holographic card is displayed in the app.)

Virtual cards - I see little value. I can’t remember when I last lost my bank card (:crossed_fingers:). If I think websites are dodgy, I don’t use them and, in any case, the virtual cards stuff does nothing to limit how much money a fraudster can take from your account.

Custom categories - I don’t use categories or summary at all these days, so I’m not interested in the ability to customise these options. I like the “left to spend” bar under my account balance in the app but I don’t bother with any more analysis than that.

Will I stick with monzo? For now, yes, their app is still cleaner, quicker, smoother than any other bank I know. I use bill splits and shared tabs with friends and family and find those tools useful (I could still use them if I switched away but it would involve lots of extra fiddly transfers).


Something I forgot from the poll: bulk changes in categories :frowning:


Not subscribed, no love for the joint account holders. Pretty confident I would subscribe to this model if it was rolled out to joint accounts.


So far I’m enjoying the upgrade, Monzo helped me get my finances more on track, and I’m hoping the auto-export can take that to the next level. I honestly prefer them saying “Here’s the data go wild” rather than forcing a style of budgeting on me.

What I would like is:

  • Interest to be included in the auto-export
  • Nested Categories
  • Exclusive offers, and offers that mean more to me
  • Marcus, T212 and Vanquis (ew) integration
  • Features I can’t actually think of but then see and realise I’ve been missing that feature my entire life

I’m inclined to agree. The only thing that I think will be of use is being able to see the full card details (including CVV) in the app. But the design is a bit off (something that I’ll probably write about separately). And the problem could be sorted by just… showing the CVV of the physical card in the app. (Or me not leaving my wallet in another room).



I’ve read this a few times. What does that mean in practice?

Oh yes, and Vanguard!

I would to see Joint Account support (of course). I don’t even mind if both of us have to have Monzo Plus to get it in the Joint Account. My favourite parts of Plus are limited by the fact most of my transactions go through the JA.

Otherwise, I like the offering.


So this could be like having Car, and within Car you have Fuel, MOT, Insurance so on. Niche use-case but it means I can build my dashboard a bit easier and scaleable


And just to add to that, it would mean you can see spending for “Car” at a total level too, rather than just the 4 sub categories it would have.

With a full data set, I could see year on year how much I spend on say “Food + Drink” as a total category, when underneath that Groceries / Eating Out / Drinking are three categories that could fluctuate month to month.