Monzo Plus ~ 1 month old!

Can’t believe it’s almost a month since Monzo Plus has been launched ? How everyone is finding it. What everyone loves the most and what suggestions would you like or prefer Monzo plus team to integrate in the next one month ?

I would love if they can add Amex integration and launch :rocket: Monzo plus on joint account.


I just signed up yesterday so all a bit new to me. Looks a lot of data and trying at the moment to use a pivot table to categorise it. Does anyone have any better suggestions?

I am quite good with Excel & Numbers and finding my way around Google Sheets.

It would be good if there was a seperate “formula exhange” thread. R-

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I like custom categories and being able to split a transaction into different categories.

I would love to be able to add a date to a pot, i.e. save £200 by a certain date, and then it tell me how much I needed to add to reach the goal by that date (if that makes sense!)

I have used the paying in cash at a PayPoint feature for the first time knowing that I could do it once for free as well, so that’s been good!


I wish they can bring post office integration. That would be lovely.

I wish Monzo plus can have the road map posted on the community forum what they are planning to achieve like how they did the Big list few years ago for current account. It was really fun


Take a look here

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The best parts I think are: virtual cards, custom categories, external accounts, and the credit tracker. I hope that they continue to add features towards the old idea of a “financial control center”.

The feature I’d most like to see is having Plus rolled out to the Joint Accounts. Key features of Plus for Joint Accounts would be virtual cards and custom categories. The data export would be more useful to me if Joint Accounts were also exported, because like most people in a family (I guess) most of the significant expenditure goes there.


@Ordog- cheers mate for updating the tag. Hope you are well !

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I have to say, at the moment, I’m a bit underwhelmed (and unsurprised) at the lack of development one month in.

The rather short list of linked accounts doesn’t seem to have changed since day one, for example.

On a more longer term outlook, I suspect that if there is no progress in two months, I’ll come to the conclusion that this is another project that Monzo has started, implemented, and moved on from. I look forward to Monzo proving me wrong, though.


I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this was the case. I’d be sad, but not surprised.

I hope they do know they need to add more features for it to be desirable to users


All good mate, great to have you back :+1:

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I was hoping them to add more banks including the fintechs. I hope there will be a way to manually add other banks that are not listed here so that balances can be monitored. It will be lovely if connected credit cards can be completely paid off from Monzo too.

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I miss the old days when we were so active in the forum. Haha. I still read all the comments though. Haha :joy:


I felt the same - since they have launched it- no new updates on it and feels a bit stagnant. Hopefully they can constantly add more features and refine the pre existing feature.

It should be like how @bruno did the overhaul to the Monzo app with constant feedback from the community. That was really amazing. I wish the plus team can do the same.


I like plus and I feel like it was a good start, but needs new features quickly to keep me paying; Amex integration, metal cards, insurance, iPad app are to name a few that I’d love to see…

For now I’ll continue paying as I love the basic features (even though I do believe some of the main features ie custom category’s should be part of the free account) and I wish to support them as a business in these trying times.

A road map would be great too!


I can understand why they started with the big banks, because they will attract more customers and the the big banks have to provide the data in a more standardised format (so once you’ve done one, it’s a relatively small step to add more). Whereas the small banks don’t have to stick so rigidly to the standard. But I’d have thought that at least all of the high street banks would be there by now.


I was hoping for that too, but lots of banks are missing from the list

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No particular reason, I have no loyalty to any business. But Monzo turned my financial life around, if it wasn’t for them I’d still be in debt… saying that I suppose I do have some kind of loyalty to them…

I understand it’s a business. But it’s a business that’s helped me


Because plus is a paid account there should maybe be a monthly update to say whats happening with it.

Think there should be more engagement around it considering how much is riding on it being successful


They definitely helped me in budgeting and saving my money. I have been using plus since the first version. I hope they will further polish the Monzo plus

Absolutely . I hope they can release blog post with monthly updates to the plus package or new addition to the plus.