Monzo Plus: Three Months In Poll

We’ve had a number of polls about Monzo Plus since it launched in July: the Initial Flash Poll to test immediate perceptions, then the Big Poll, which ran for about the first month of Plus, followed by the Two-Months-On poll, which was designed to see changes over time. We’re coming up to the initial three month term for Plus, so this is (probably) the last poll for the time-being.

So we can see how things have evolved over time, the first questions are more or less the same. But I’ve added in an extra question on what folk are actually using, an extra question on a theoretical Monzo Premium upgrade, and have added options to the ‘what do you want next?’ question, taking out some of less popular choices there.

Have you subscribed to Monzo Plus?
(If you did then cancelled, say yes)

  • Yes
  • No

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If you didn’t, why not?

  • Too expensive
  • No, or not enough, features of interest
  • Disagree with paywalling features
  • I haven’t yet but I plan to
  • No joint account support
  • I don’t have a Monzo account / Monzo’s not my main account
  • Something else (tell us below)

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If you did, will you stick with it?

  • Yes - it’s fine as it is
  • Yes - if I get new features
  • No - I plan to cancel
  • No - I’ve already cancelled
  • No - but I’d consider upgrading to Monzo Premium (Plus + mobile insurance, travel insurance, metal card)*
  • Unsure

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Top 3 Monzo Plus features?

  • Other accounts, in Monzo
  • Interest on balance and regular pots
  • Custom categories
  • Holographic card
  • Virtual Cards
  • Advanced Roundups
  • Credit Tracker
  • Offers
  • Auto-export transactions
  • One free cash deposit per month
  • Fee-free withdrawals abroad

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Which Plus features have you used?

  • Other accounts, in Monzo
  • Interest on balance and regular pots
  • Custom categories
  • Holographic card
  • Virtual Cards
  • Advanced Roundups
  • Credit Tracker
  • Offers
  • Auto-export transactions
  • One free cash deposit per month
  • Fee-free withdrawals abroad

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What do you want next?

  • Nothing, it’s fine as it is
  • Rename virtual cards
  • An offset pot (money in a pot/s is used to offset overdraft fees)
  • Get paid early automatic for Plus customers (it just lands in your account 4pm the day before)
  • Freeze virtual cards
  • Transfer money to a credit card pot when money’s been spent on that card
  • An additional mega-feed, showing Monzo and all linked account transactions together
  • Advanced roundups that actually roundup
  • Categories, notes and the Monzo experience for connected accounts
  • Budgeting across connected accounts
  • Connect more current accounts (vote over here)
  • Connect more credit cards (vote over here)
  • Connect mortgages (vote over here)
  • Connect investment accounts (vote over here)
  • Search connected account transactions
  • Export connected accounts to Google Sheets
  • Use virtual cards to pay from Pots
  • Add virtual card to Google/Apple Pay
  • New app icon(s)
  • More card colour options
  • Priority support
  • Change Monzo.Me username
  • All 3 credit agency scores in app
  • Metal card
  • Travel insurance
  • Mobile phone / gadget insurance
  • Change date of Monzo Plus subscription
  • Pay Monzo Plus from pot
  • Native IFTTT
  • More IFTTT triggers / actions
  • Nested categories
  • Envelope budgeting (like YNAB)
  • Bring to joint accounts
  • Google Sheets templates (for dashboards, data visualisation, interrogation etc)
  • Delete / reorder custom categories
  • Bulk change categories
  • Visualise / interrogate past spend / better in-app analytics of spending / categories / merchants etc
  • Create receipts in Monzo (through OCR or manual entry) - and assign a category per line
  • A ‘secrets store’ - somewhere to keep sensitive banking info (like CVVs).
  • More colours for custom categories
  • Delete / hide standard categories
  • Future-proof the Google Sheets export - more information (e.g. payment method of Google Pay vs card) and columns for future use
  • Something else (tell us what below!)

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Happy polling!

*nothing has been announced, but this was the product suggested by @sohear - price yet unknown.

I’d consider upgrading, but currently, I’ll be looking to cancel at the end of the minimum term if I don’t see any glimmer of the new package arriving.

It’s been fun, but after 1 month paying for it, it’s not worth it for me, the 2 free months was a good incentive to get me hooked in for £5.

:eyes: time will tell what happens


I think you summed up my thoughts my better than I’d be able.


Quick hint for those who want virtual cards on Google or Apple pay: if you have Curve you can add them to Curve and use the Pays that way.


My something else for new features would simply amount to a more coherent and cohesive summary, with smarter budgeting tools, maybe more AI an automation and less friction a la Simple Bank. better integration with pots, and a more intuitive interface for pots would be nice too.

There are probably other smaller niggles I’d like to see Monzo Address with other features, or by adding new ones, but for me, summary and bills pots are my primary contention point with the base Monzo experience, and I continue long for a system more similar to what Simple Bank offer.

Just something minor added to what’s already there would be enough to keep me paying though. Smarter roundups that actually work, and better integration of virtual cards with pots, controls, and Apple Pay would be enough to engrain these features in my life that I would not want to live without them.

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My Something Else would be… :drum: Joint account support for Plus/Premium


I would really like advanced roll ups to still roll up. I want round numbers, but the multipliers too


I think I’m on the verge of cancelling too.

I’ve pretty much stopped using Categories and Google Sheets; largely because the experience of using them is clunky. After all the love I gave Sheets in the first month, I still haven’t set up my dashboard, because it’s more effort than I’m prepared to do. And so I’ve also given up Categories because I’m not using anything to analyse them.

The two powerful things with Sheets export are: Live Dashboard, and IFTTT. To make both of them optimal, I think Monzo should:

  • Release some Dashboard templates that can be easily used for data import.
  • Publish an “Sheets to Pot” applet on IFTTT, that will mean free users of IFTTT can customise better. (For context; IFTTT have changed their free model, and much more limited now - so without this happening it pretty much kills the IFTTT benefit of Sheets Export).

That leaves me with Virtual cards, and right now it’s a “that’s nice” feature. I’ve had one experience of “physical card stopped worked and I didn’t have to replace all my online things”, which was good. But not sure it’s worth £5 alone.

The biggest biggest win for me would be to overhaul Budgeting Tools. Right now it’s a confusing system that doesn’t integrate into the ecosystem well enough (IMO). If they nailed this I would definitely spend more on Plus.


There is a way to do that with IFTTT, if you don’t wnat to wait for Monzo.

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Same. The features of Plus, once the novelty wore off, aren’t getting a lot of use. The fancy card has barely left my wallet; the custom categories I find irksome that they’re being charged for; and the interest isn’t enough to make up for the basic features that Monzo still lacks.

Lately I’ve been using Starling for my day to day spending. I had to change my subscriptions over to a new card anyway, so I’ve changed them to a whole new bank. I now get interest on my balance, post office cash handling, more categories, and the ability to pay in cheques through the app…oh, and a really nice browser app.

I’ll give it a month and decide then if I’m going to make it a permanent arrangement, but for now I can’t think of a good reason to keep Plus beyond the minimum term.


The sheets novelty has worn off for me too.


Thanks - I had seen this previously. Not going to lie - if I’m paying for a service, I’d like it to do it automatically.

My stubbornness stops me sorting it myself

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I’m getting the distinct feeling from comments on here (both historical and current) that, regardless of what is on offer, the paid-for account is actually a dodo.

Tough times.


I’m really surprised we haven’t seen anything other than AMEX.


As in “Will become extinct”, or am I not understanding the metaphor? (Genuine question…)

“Will become extinct” - the myriad of different apps & services available today, most providing great competition, are (IMHO) eroding the mindset of having everything in one place.


Yeah I get that. Completely fair request of the paid for thing!


Further to poll response.

Will be keeping Monzo plus for the time being. Most useful feature for me is custom categories, as I can see much more specifically where my money is going.

Connected accounts is nice for a bit of ease rn.

However, as time goes on, am increasingly feeling let down by the half-baked-ness of these features.

Re custom categories, the point is to allow for greater visualisation. But there’s no easy way to compare categories month to month rn, and visualise changes or trends. I feel like we saw a mock up of a much improved feed/summary etc a year or two ago now from Bruno? Whatever happened to that?

And I believe that more stuff is coming in terms of connected accounts data enrichment, making their inclusion actually useful, but it really needs to hurry up.


To add to this, I’d like a hierarchy for categories.

If I’m on holiday, does everything go in Holiday? Does it go into Eating Out/Gifts/Day Out? But then those latter categories will be inflated due to holiday spend.

Holiday > Eating Out - I ate at a posh restaurant whilst I was away
Eating Out - Cheeky Nandos.


Oh this is interesting.

I’d previously been wanting nested categories, so e.g. restaurant, coffee, takeaway could all be under one broad eating out for instance.

Or taxi, train, etc all under one broad transport.

But are you thinking that the eating out on holiday would be totally separate to your eating out not on holiday?