Monzo Plus ~ 1 month old!

Same. Didn’t expect to use them but virtual cards have been great for:

  • those odd occasions I can’t [be bothered to] find my wallet; and
  • One off things like car rentals where I don’t want them having my details.

I wonder if virtual cards would work for a Monzo credit card. Possibly not as there wouldn’t be an associated sort code / account number…? Ideally for any purchases of £100+ I’d still like to use a credit card for the S75 protection. Would be brill if you could use virtual ones that could then be burned.


Wait, you mean to say Plus doesn’t work on Joint Accounts?!? Why didn’t you mention it sooner?!


£3.50ish or whatever it is a month to run a Google Sheets dashboard. Madness. But here we are!

Virtual card I used the other day, handy, but half baked.


My own hot take nearly 2 months in - I’m probably going to cancel by Month Three.

As much as I love the Google Sheets tool - there’s nothing intrinsic here that actually gives me actionable data, really. I’ve just spent a lot of time building a “huh, that’s some info” Dashboard.

The IFTTT side benefit of it, doesn’t run as reliably as I would like, so it makes it a bit frustrating for some of the ideas I had for it.

And the Budgeting world - simply having more categories isn’t the solution I was hoping for. I’d love to be able to plan zero-sum style. It can sort of work with Pots, but I just feel like all the things don’t really mesh together to be a wholesome useful budgeting tool.

I’m sure it’s good for some, but I want greater granularity and more control. And so I’m back to YNAB.

The other bit I have enjoyed using - is virtual cards - I’ve had some for subscriptions, which I could take or leave. And I have used one on occaison for online purchases. It’s good that I don’t have to input my main live account details all the time, but they still need more features to be truly worth paying for, IMO.

The one benefit with a VCard is that if my wallet isn’t in reach I can just use that - and in fact I’ve ended up storing one of them in my Password Manager. If push came to it, I could do the same thing with my main card, and have broadly the same function.

So… I’m basically waiting to see if any new news comes by the 3 month mark.


I’m excited to see if anything does get announced but I’m cautiously optimistic.

From our perspective, Plus is done and launched and even the second tier is done. So I imagine that over the past few months they’ve been ironing out bits of issues and by now will have implemented some things based on everyones feedback.

From a different perspective, that team could have switched focus and are now working on an entirely different project or some were furloughed and so on.

It’s hard to judge these days as we hardly get any updates on here anymore :pensive:

Do we know the actual date of when month 3 hits?


It launched 15th July…

So we’re a week away from end of month 2.


With all the plus subscribers here that are talking about cancelling perhaps Monzo should consider letting them keep their cards. It’s a huge waste to just reissue all those cards, especially in the case of those that had 2 or 3 cards sent because of damaged envelopes



There’s 3 or 4 people that have said it and it’s conditional on whether anything gets improved over the next 5 weeks :confused:

I’ve just skimmed that post to catch-up sorry didn’t mean to exaggerate.

Would be curious to see the stats from here though. Would a poll be out of order?

There is/was one from a week or two ago.

It’s in this topic : Monzo Plus - Flash Poll(s)!

4% will cancel :slight_smile:

To be fair, in addition to that, 65% are unsure or will cancel if no new features are introduced so the 4% figure is a bit misleading

Only 31% said they’ll keep it no matter what

Edit: numbers were wrong, maffs is hard


Absolutely. I cancelled last Thursday, and my new Coral card came today to replace my old Coral card which was working fine. A waste of time, effort, and resources.


Pretty much what I said earlier and I wasn’t far off :stuck_out_tongue:

It was actually 6 people :smiley:

I think realistically a lot of people will be cancelling who aren’t on the forum. There has been no information about upcoming improvements or new offers (seriously - these should change weekly!). Virtual cards are half-baked, the interest doesn’t cover the cost, and the google sheets export is very niche for average users.

I think Monzo will be relying on the inertia of people to keep those £5’s rolling in.

I was excited for the new version of Plus… but it feels like it isn’t going anywhere (nor generating any significant revenue).


I think two things that were very clever by Monzo;

  1. having a 3 month minimum term - gets people over the line of “oh it’s a short commitment, why not”
  2. needing a new card when you cancel - adds a factor of “oh I can’t be bothered updating everything, I’ll cancel it next month”.

I do wonder how the general user base approach it vs us on the forum.

Will be interesting to see what happens in 5 weeks anyway.

@Peter_G - requesting polling services for the 2 and 3 month mark :slight_smile:


I’m one of these, but I’d settle on just an announcement of what’s in the works. Like a WWDC but for plus.

The fact offers haven’t been improving on at least a monthly basis doesn’t give me much hope though.


Gratifying that my love for polls is going better than my war on toggles.

Let me eat then polls incoming!

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It’s OK you’ve got a week before the 2 month poll is needed :slight_smile:

And wait are you pro or anti toggle?! I missed this Drama!

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