Monzo Plus - Flash Poll(s)!

Ah I get it now. Sounds neat.

Something to throw into the mix: being able to assign categories to receipt items - or to manually add receipt items to transactions. That’d work well with split categories…


Joint Account support. And I mean FULL JA support to match what I and the other JA party has access to - simple as… We’ve had a JA since it launched and have yet to have;

IFTTT integration (for ‘us’)
Plus support - at any level (old Plus or New)

Come on :monzo:, make it so


Is it tho?

I accept that everyone has different needs but, for me, that level of granularity isn’t necessary.

First, it’s a pretty laborious process separating the cup of coffee from your tank of fuel, or separating the alcohol from your essential supermarket food.

Second, and kind of related to the first point, I’ll never capture quite the right level of detail. If I note that I’m spending too much on take out coffee, great, but am I also going to separate out the coffee from my supermarket shop? No, I’m not.

If, as one of the other posters suggested, you want to know what your car is costing you, Monzo already offer good search features that will very quickly bring up most of the relevant transactions, and allow you to figure out the details fairly quickly.

Note that I’m not against detailed budgeting, and something like flux’s digital receipts has huge potential to automate a lot of this, but custom categories doesn’t tick any boxes for me. I would have preferred to see more stats on merchants (eg how often do I shop at X? What’s my spend there this week? This month? Etc) that could be easily automated.

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I think I agree in terms of preference / priority. I’d much prefer to have powerful visualisation of what’s happened in the past than painstakingly curating categories.


I havent signed up for plus yet personally.

At the moment i cant add my other current account (Danske Bank) even though their open banking apis are available in case anyone from monzo is reading this :eyes:

I think generally ill be waiting to this gets added before reconsidering. Categorising spends on other cards would be next level also

I agree with this so far, but I do think that if virtual cards were linked to specific pots it would go a long way to make a more secure experience. At least then any potential breach would be then limited to whats in a specific pot rather than the whole account

For me where the power of granularity is important though is two fold:

  1. it helps me action things I need to focus on. I like to separate certain types of spend so I can see where I am making choices. One mega “Personal Care” category doesn’t help me see I’m spending too much on clothes vs haircuts, for example.

And I agree i might not use it to the point where I will split my grocery shopping up into 8 categories, it does have its uses.

And 2) it means I don’t have to search so heavily for data with well categorised info. The Car example - it could be trivial to search for it in app, but having data analysis to show I’ve had to spend £X on unexpected car maintenance is easier to see at category level than transaction level.

That is to say, it is the aggregated analysis that is useful, and categories *make that more meaningful.

The missing link here of course is the analysis side which is missing really in Plus and relies on you making use of the data export, but this is the power to me. And that analysis needs merchant based analysis too.

(Also, in my ideal budgeting world… pots and categories can become the same thing - so I can be actively accruing money in my Car Maintenance fund and spending from it Through the year… but that’s a different rant from me…)

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Actually, I hadn’t thought of that. I often have to hunt for a card when shopping online just to get the CVV.


Another solution would be to use a secrets store, something like LastPass. In addition to generating and storing complex passwords, it can store bank and card details ready for auto complete across multiple devices. All of that is available on the fee plan too.

I’m pretty sure saving the CVV is discouraged. It’s the easiest element to remember, and in the event your secret store is compromised, the intruder can’t do much without it. For this reason not being able to view it in the Monzo app after SCA prompts is a small pet peeve of mine. This isn’t really an issue for me anymore with the new virtual cards that I’ll be using exclusively for any digital purchases and subscriptions except where Apple Pay is an option.

On the other hand, as primarily an iPad user and rarely near my phone at home. I’m still bound to run into the same issue, so the sooner we get iPad support, or a web app the better for me. Web seems like an inevitability at this point anyway, so hopefully not too much longer. The vast majority of the time I’ll use PayPal or Apple Pay anyway, so it’s not too often I’m in need of my CVV and unable to access it quickly.

For the “What next?” question I put something else for more colours for custom categories :rainbow:


It isn’t always as simple as this though. Look at the Ticketmaster breach for example. It’s a website that lots of people use, and would probably have considered fairly trustworthy, but they still had a huge security issue - and regardless of that, if you want a specific ticket it’s often your ONLY option to use anyway. There are lots of less trustworthy sites that the average person would still want to be able to use - websites of local takeaways is the obvious example that springs to mind. I could also imagine instances where you may wish to pay for something via a device that isn’t your own, where you can’t be 100% assured of the lack of malware.

Without virtual cards this was a gambling game and now it’s so simple to make it secure - make a virtual card, pay for the thing, then cancel the card afterwards. Sure, it’s not going to protect you against someone instantly charging you huge amounts, but most security issues with cards are not like that, anecdotally. It will be about someone getting and then using your card details later, or selling them on.

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Most of these polls close in 12 hours.

Why not keep them open a bit longer to capture responses from those who only visit forum on weekdays?

I was thinking that it’d be good to capture initial impressions, then come back later on when folk have had a chance to use for longer. But good call. I’ll change to midnight Tuesday. Edit: I don’t think I can without resetting the poll :man_facepalming::pensive:

I would have voted for splitting transactions into multiple categories as one of my top three features right now.

The two I did vote for are custom categories and connected accounts.

Completely echoing comments above and my own in other topics but I would really like:

  • nested categories;

  • more colours and icons;

  • ability to rearrange and delete the main categories;

  • more connected accounts (Amex of course);

  • rearrange connected accounts;

  • and ability to edit and categorise transactions from connected accounts and have them in my budget of course.


More Connected Accounts

  • Amex
  • Freetrade
  • Nutmeg
  • Marcus

Other banks

  • Starling

In the longer term, I would like all of my financial products to be connected

  • Pension Bee
  • Savings and ISAs, ideally Moneybox (though I appreciate this may not be as straight forward as connecting current accounts)

most important “something else” feature for me would be joint account support. i.e. hopefully implemented like if both parties have plus, then the joint account is automatically a plus joint account too (otherwise if not, you can pay the usual fee to make it one leaving the personal one(s) as regular).

I like the new card design, but as other bank cards are shifting to a clean non-embossed front with details on the rear (Starling and Curve for example) then this plus-only design feels wrong. Why not do that design in the standard coral colour on regular accounts for those that want it.

I basically only upgraded to Plus for the custom categories so my vote goes to developing this further:

More colours and icons (ideally match emoji keyboard)
Reorder, nest categories and delete pre-set categories
Categories linked to pots/payments in a category coming from a pot


I’d like to see Ulster Bank in the connected accounts.

Eventually I’d like to see my Scottish Widows workplace pension within monzo too.