Monzo NOT On Credit Report

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No mate, but see this thread

Monzo (@monzo) Tweeted:
@mattURL Hi Matt :wave:Your Monzo current account won’t show up on your credit report unless you apply for an overdraft.

And to answer your question… I have absolutely no idea :rofl:

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Hmm. I still don’t see why it would show on Call Credit then. Why bother reporting to that one agency if the others don’t show it.


Even if it makes no difference to my rating I still think it should appear there like my other accounts…

Monzo pride themselves on clarity of information that makes it easy for me to make financial decisions.

If they’ve decided to not support certain agencies there should be something in the help section as an official response on it.

Monzo on credit report
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What’s your use case if it’s not affecting your rating sorry? Presumably you don’t need a credit report to tell you that you have a Monzo account.


ClearScore give me a nice overview of all of my accounts and a view into how financial institutions see me.

ClearScore can give me relevant financial product offers based on the information provided which could save me money.

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You don’t know whether ClearScore considers this particular piece of data as important or not though (& neither do I), when it comes to offering you financial products.

So until we know that, now that we’ve established whether the data is shared & what the data is, what is there to discuss?


Well my other point was if monzo aren’t going to supply the data like my other accounts do they should document the difference to the legacy banks. This thread highlights that people are frustrated by the lack of information even if the actual data isn’t used in credit decisions.

I don’t see why this thread is any more pointless than any other discussion on this forum Alex?

We have a whole thread about pets don’t we?

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I’ve already addressed those points earlier in the thread :slight_smile:


I would expect one of Monzo staff to explain if there are any implications/Impact for reporting just to one agency.

Back in August 2017, @venkat explained who are Monzo going to report. Now that a lot more people are using Monzo as their main bank account it’s fair to ask for more details.

BTW, Monzo are not obliged to report to any of Credit Refrence Agencies at all and they have right to choose who they report to;

A discussion here on this surely the right way to get attention and seek clarifications on these sort of matters otherwise whats the point of Discussing anything at all because most of the time we question things which we can’t understand.

Report financial information to Experian
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I’m hopeful that they will too - I did ask -


Thing is: how can monzo staff make a statement to that? Every lender will have their own criteria. Monzo can’t know everybody’s criteria.

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That, of course, is true but Monzo could explain their reasoning and plan for credit reference reporting and explain a bit especially for those who have an overdraft with Monzo that how not reporting to two bigger agencies can or can not have an impact…

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It generally goes back to a bank being more than just a place to store your money, but a financial centre for advice, assistance, and all manners of help for your financial life.

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Except that’s not a use case.

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Not sure I understand that…


Me too. You’ll have to elaborate a bit @alexs


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All I know is that people struggled to get a mortgage from Halifax when a credit check didn’t report a banking relationship. At least 6 months statements were then required and made the process more difficult all round.

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Yeah, Noddle still haven’t been able to find my credit report:


It’s a good thing users don’t get shouted down here or this thread could have died out and we’d never know if Monzo reporting to one only one agency will cause any major issues.