Monzo NOT On Credit Report

(Alex Sherwood) #82

Counterpoint - around 15% of users have now somehow managed to go full Monzo :boom: so perhaps you need to re-examine your criteria.

(Jack Donovan) #83

It depends what way you look at it, IMHO legacy banks have far more deficiencies than Monzo :yum:


Yes and a good amount of those 15% might struggle to get an accurate credit report.


I don’t really understand how these companies work - is there a cost to Monzo to report to a company? Is that why they only use one (the smallest)?

It seems other banks tend to use at least two.

(Jack Donovan) #86

My assumption is Yeh, it must cost. I don’t know for sure though

(Alex Sherwood) #87

I’m amazed that anyone’s still spending time discussing this frankly, as apparently no one knows the implications of a Monzo account not appearing on a credit report & how significant/ detrimental that is.

(Jonathon) #88

Surely this is call to discuss a subject? To try to get to the bottom with an answer?

(Jack Donovan) #89

Alex, this post confuses me, are you saying it is detrimental, or not

(Alex Sherwood) #90

Literally no one has suggested an answer to that so far.

(Jonathon) #91

Well… exactly. I don’t quite understand your post. We should not discuss something because right now those in the conversation don’t know an answer?

(Jack Donovan) #92

I think you can struggle to get credit.

I’m 99% sure it will affect your credit score.

We always had issues at Halifax when we didn’t think people had a Bank account

(Alex Sherwood) #93

What’s the point in discussing whether Monzo appearing not appearing on a credit report is good or bad if you don’t know that the implications / impact of that is? It’s impossible to answer that question if you don’t know isn’t it?

People are putting so much time into this discussion that you’d have thought it was an issue - otherwise why bother? - but they don’t know.


And I’m amazed at how people don’t see any deficiencies with Monzo, so there we go :wink:

Monzo’s own push is basically “have a 2nd account, if you don’t think we offer everything you need”.

My point wasn’t about salary being paid in, it was about having only Monzo. Different question, and no doubt different percentage.

(Jonathon) #95

Thank you :slight_smile:

It might be good for someone from Monzo to just maybe chime in to either assure us… or not to.

(Jonathon) #96

To ensure it’s on topic until as such time we get an answer either way?

Anyway, if people don’t want to discuss it, nobody needs to contribute to the thread :slight_smile:

(Jack Donovan) #97

This is all I can find so far - answered like a politician of course

“Your first port of call should be your bank. They will be able to tell you why details of your overdraft facility are not being shared with the credit reference agencies. If the branch can’t help, ask for details of someone at their head office who can. Banks do generally share data about customers’ overdraft facilities. I wonder whether your account was opened around ten or more years ago, before full data sharing was really envisaged. As a result, consent was never obtained to share information with the credit reference agencies, except if the account goes into default. If this does apply to your account, your bank might actually be able to accept your consent to share the data now. I’ve seen several cases where this has happened and within four to six weeks the information has appeared on the customer’s credit report. If for some reason details about your account cannot be shared, this shouldn’t affect your credit rating as long as you have other accounts that demonstrate that you can be trusted with credit. Lenders usually ask about your bank account on your credit application form, so your relationship with your bank can still be factored into any credit assessment. (November 2011)”

(Alex Sherwood) #98

Yep, I was just pointing out that I don’t see the point but that’s just my opinion :slight_smile:

(Jack Donovan) #99

With all due respect. I’ve just switched fully to Monzo.

I could do with an answer to this, I am potentially about to reopen a legacy account.

(Jack Donovan) #100

I’ve actually just found out why monzo doesn’t show on your report. And it makes sense.

Monzo doesn’t do a hard credit check when opening your account. It is effectively a “basic bank account” unless you apply for an overdraft.

A soft credit search doesn’t show on your report.

(Jonathon) #101

Did Monzo tell you that?

So they choose to report to Call Credit, which shows it as a current account, but not the others? I don’t know how that would make sense. Why would Call Credit show it at all if it’s just a basic account with no overdraft (they show mine now).