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I’ve noticed that my Monzo account doesn’t appear on ClearScore/Equifax? It’s quite annoying I just want to know why Monzo doesn’t lend data to these companies?

I have to use Credit Karma/Noddle but it doesn’t exactly seem correct to use that.

Transunion are the only credit reference agancy Monzo currently report to


There are a few threads covering this. Here’s a recent one.

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Essentially it costs Monzo to report to these so they do not yet.

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I’ve often been curious how the fee structure works. If Monzo don’t report to Equifax or Experian, does it mean they don’t search these two too?

It is a bit unfortunate though, at least for now, as most of the other lenders / banks use all 3 or at least one of the bigger ones (Experian or Equifax).

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Not necessarily - a bank may report updates to all 3 but only use 1 to make the lending decision, or the other way round in some cases.

I’ve seen it differ by product as well, or just by bank. So a bank may report to all 3 for a mortgage but only 1 for a current account.

There’s the cost involved but also internal costs around corrections to credit files, reporting, systems & controls etc.

Good thing is if you only report to 1 and get something wrong then you only have 1 to fix and not 3 :blush:

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TransUnion are one of the largest credit rating agencies on par with Equifax and Experian. They are just less well known in the UK.

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Thanks everyone for the responses, I’ve used TransUnion to get my credit report instead as it takes into account all my banks that I use :ok_hand:t3:

Might be better known as Callcredit, who Trans Union acquired a while back.