Monzo on credit report

Does anyone else’s account appear on their credit report? Is this is a future a feature or something I’m doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

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They only report to call credit so you’ll see it on noddle


It appears on your Noodle (Callcredit/TransUnion) credit report. As @Rat_au_van states, they don’t report to the others (Experian or Equifax).

Here is how it looks:



Hopefully this will be fixed (and I do mean fixed) one day.
Here’s Monzo’s latest response


But where you check your credit file makes no difference to anything. Are you also checking Equifax and Experian? They also give information about your financial conduct to lenders. No one Agency will have a complete picture of your financial affairs.

It’s if you have a Monzo overdraft which may make a difference.

In very simplistic terms: If you don’t have an overdraft, then having a Monzo current account isn’t going to make much difference to anything. It’s perfectly possible to have dozens of current accounts if you want.

If you do have a Monzo overdraft facility, this will be reported to CallCredit/TransUnion. If you apply for credit elsewhere and that lender checks CallCredit it will see your existing borrowing facility and take that into account when making its decision whether to lend to you or not.

If the lender doesn’t check CallCredit, it won’t know about your Monzo overdraft and won’t take it into consideration.

I’m interested in what the problem is that you need fixing? Maybe you could explain further please?

Yeah I do have my overdraft and use it, so I was wondering why it wasn’t showing on my MSE Credit Club report (looking into they use experian).

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I’ve discussed it in a few places and it doesn’t need dragged out again really as not many care, although this question does seem to keep coming up…

This was the main thread at the time but I wouldn’t bother reading too much into it. There’s a lot of posts about why the discussion is even necessary.


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