Why doesn't Monzo appear on my credit report?

Monzo doesn’t appear on the list of my accounts in my ClearScore report. This only occurred to me when I noticed the advice that one should keep at least one of their accounts open long term as it is a sign of stability to potential lenders. I’m a serial switcher, and therefore despite being 27 years old, my oldest account is around 18 months.


My long term plan now is to keep Monzo open forever, so this could be my “long term” account. But it doesn’t appear on my credit report. Any reason?


:thinking: not sure what the reason for those banks showing up is.

Do you happen to have, or have had in the past, any borrowings with either First Direct or Nationwide but never with Monzo?

I am 98% sure we report to CallCredit, which ClearScore don’t use.

Noddle does though :+1:


Correct :slight_smile:


Is there any update on Monzo using more agencies other than just CallCredit?
I know it’s been a while since this post, but Monzo is still not showing on ClearScore, and that’s the majority of my £££.

Yeah it’s on one of the more recent threads on this topic but they’re building the integrations this year


Wait a second… I just switched fully to Monzo Plus, had my salary paid into it, moved all my direct debits (including mortgage payments) and standing order to Monzo only to find out that it does not share data with CreditScore? :frowning_face:
I have to say, this is very disappointing…

How about other credit score agencies (e.g. Experian)? Do you know if there are issues there as well?

Monzo report to Experian and Transunion.

Just use one of those, or the built in connection to Credit Karma (which uses transunion) - they all say similar things anyway.

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Most lenders use TransUnion and/or Experian many pull all three of your credit files. So it is unlikely to cause any major issues. Clearscore get data from Equifax. However they are very slow to update I would highly recommend using Credit Karma they update your whole report weekly and give instant alerts if there are any changes to your credit report. MSE credit club is also very good. Both are free to use.

Why’s it disappointing?

On the grounds that you’re not borrowing from them, they have nothing meaningful to report to a Credit Reference Agency anyway.

I suppose a report of £0 has some value, but isn’t it minimal?

I believe the length of time you’ve had bank accounts (irrespective of whether there’s any credit offered) is taken into account by some lenders


My ClearScore also tells me I’ve overspent based on my income each month. That’s because they don’t see my income is going into my monzo account

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