Why doesn't Monzo appear on my credit reports?

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I have lived in the UK for almost 3 years and am in the process of building up a credit history here. I originally banked with Nationwide and used Monzo for foreign exchange etc but switched from Nationwide to Monzo as my main current account a year ago. I still have credit card and other products with Nationwide. However, Monzo does not appear anywhere on my credit reports. But every action I have taken with nationwide registers (I had to open and close a joint account, open a new current account etc - all noted on my credit report).

I fear this is having an adverse effect on the ‘account stability’ element of my credit rating - that the longer my financial relationships are, potentially the better my credit rating is (keeping all else equal).

Questions: 1. Why doesn’t Monzo report to the agencies? 2. Will they report to them soon? and 3. When reporting, will they reflect that I have had a Monzo account for over 2 years, so I’m not starting from scratch again?


They only report to TransUnion (you can check via Noddle aka CreditKama), not to Experian or Equifax

  1. Monzo report to TransUnion.
  2. They’ve mentioned they might report to others in the future but no confirmed plans.
  3. If you mean what will they retrospectvely pass onto the agencies they don’t report to yet, who knows. You’d need to ask Monzo if they start reporting to them.

Good thread for further info:


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