Monzo NOT On Credit Report

(Valeri) #62

I wonder if that means Experian’s premium service that includes “Identity Protection” is load of crap as obviously someone can open a new account with Monzo or a lender that does not report to Experian in your name and they would not know about it.

(Jack Donovan) #63

Neither Halifax or Nationwide show on experian for me. Never have done

I don’t even have a bank account section on my reports. Credit reports are for lending right?

“Your credit report includes information about each of your existing credit accounts, including credit cards, store cards, overdrafts, mortgages and personal loans. … However savings accounts will not appear, meaning that lenders will not know if you hold large balances in savings just from your credit report”

I know this doesn’t mention bank accounts, but as it says. Only credit accounts show on your report as far as I am aware


Your current account still has a potential for lending in form of unarranged overdrafts. Hence it should appear on your report.

(Jonathon) #65

All of my reports have a section for bank accounts. If you have a basic bank account (ie. no possiblitiy ever of any lending/credit) then it won’t show. Current accounts should.

(Jack Donovan) #66

This must be newish. When I worked at Halifax a credit report did not show active current accounts

(Jonathon) #67

Always been the case for me, for quite a number of years for sure.


My CRA report only shows a limited number of accounts, some definitely don’t appear, and coincidence or not they are ones without overdrafts.

(Jonathon) #69

If the bank reports to that particular agency, and it is a current account, it should show. Hence this post regarding Call Credit. If it’s not, there is some issue at hand.


I certainly have all my current accounts show up, except for Monzo, despite only having an overdraft with one of them.

My guess: the Monzo/Callcredit combination isn’t the only one that doesn’t always work. CRAs don’t exactly seem to be a paragon of reliability…


I have two “legacy” current accounts with no overdraft and both show on my credit report

(Jack Donovan) #72

Just looked at Clearscore. Nationwide and Coop show!

Will Monzo ever show? I’ve fully switched now and have slight concerns over this for my score in the future…

I would actually go as far as to say this is quite an important and high priority issue…


No, Monzo will only show on clearscore ( for free access)

(Jack Donovan) #74

It doesn’t show on Clearscore…

I’m sat looking at Clearscore now


My understanding from previous discussions is that Monzo ONLY reports to one of the three Credit Reporting Agencies in the UK, Call Credit. Call Credit is the smallest of three (Means much fewer organisations use Call Credit than Experian or Equifax.

You can check Call Credit report on Noddle

(Jack Donovan) #76

Well. Won’t this be fun when trying to obtain a Mortgage :confused:


Clearscore uses Equifax so Monzo won’t show up on that at all.


Ah, sorry, my mistake. As others pointed out it’s Callcredit, but still


Just keep a legacy account open… not sure what your problem is…

I think it’s important too, doesn’t seem to be much of a reaction from anyone else.

(Jack Donovan) #80

I don’t want a legacy account. I want Monzo to be regarded the same as a legacy account and not subordinate.

Why should I have to keep a crappy legacy account open when Monzo is a bank just like any other.

Why should I have an inactive current account that puts me at risk of fraud and have to worry about it going dormant?

Like, how do Monzo hope for banks to take them seriously when you need to have an account with one of the high street banks just to get a mortgage. That sucks


Because monzo isn’t a bank like any other. At the moment it has severe deficiencies that no other bank has. So, I really can’t see, how most customers can go “full Monzo”