Manually send Bill Split reminders

If you split a bill with someone and they don’t pay, there should be reminders that are sent automatically after a period of time (a week perhaps?). Maybe even give the person requesting it the option to send the nudge in the first place.

Makes the awkward conversations to pay up that bit easier and feel less personal.


I’m 100% in favour of being able to manually send Bill Split reminders.

However, automatic reminders is a bad idea imo. I’ve been on both ends of a Bill Splits where both parties have agreed to pay the other person back after like a month. An automatic Bill Split reminder every week would become very annoying.


Presumably then you’d set the reminder for a month, not a week…

But no, Bill Split is fine as it is. If you’ve agreed to split the bill with someone then you should be able to ask them for their share.

Reminders should be an option because millennials.

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Currently we send one reminder, the day after you request the money.

In our testing, if I remember right, we found that the reminder had a small but significant effect on how many people pay :+1:


Definitely should be able to send another. I have the situation where someone hasn’t paid and it would be so great to nudge them through the app rather than messaging them.


I don’t even know what this means :rofl:

Does it end… “because millennials don’t want the additional hassle of contacting the person they split the bill with?” which begs the question, who are you splitting bills with that you don’t want to contact again?! :wink:

That, and some people that are super lax with money need that urgency put upon them. Fine for them to be laissez-faire with their own money, but when it is owed to someone, it would be nice if there was some pressure.

If you were late to pay a company there would be pressure and I know that friend payments aren’t the same as this, but it is all money when all said and done.

NB: I realise I sound super Tory here :man_shrugging:

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Perhaps we should trial sending a reminder every day until you do something about it… I’m sure that would go down really well :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nah, make it every hour!

Good shout. We could include a different inspirational quote each time? I’ll ask a copywriter to get on this right away…

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Extra points if it’s done Haiku style, a line at a time…

You say this in jest, but why is that more ridiculous than sending no reminder at all?

I cannot see why anyone would object to weekly reminders.

Out of interest, how much (in £) is owed in bill splits that have been unpaid for over a week? I am sure you can’t divulge this here, but I bet it’s a significant and growing figure.

Counterpoint - why are you relying on technology for this?

You split the bill presumably with people you know. Msg them? I still see this feature as a ‘nice to have’, rather than something vital because there is a very valid workaround.

As I said earlier, the reminder had a small but significant effect on how many people pay. It didn’t seem worth adding additional reminders at the time, but if we get time in the future we might experiment with additional reminders :slight_smile:

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Agreed that it is ‘nice to have’.

I just feel that in personal situations, an automated message takes the sting out of having to ask your friends to pay something that they already agreed to. Less awkward all round.


Yeah, there is definitely a softer psychological aspect to this one!

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My friends and I use SplitWise as well as Monzo (for everyone not on Monzo already) which is super handy.

Makes it easy to just one tap remind someone to pay up if it’s been a while or you need the money sooner than whenever they felt like it!


Sounds like a great feature!

I knew I wasn’t imagining it! I thought it was a week though!

It must have felt like a week not having the money I was owed in my account for that long :joy:

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