Split bill automatic reminders

I am sure this has already been discussed - however I couldn’t actually find a true answer.

When we split a bill or create a tab it obviously notifies the other party who has been included in it. However does it send an automatic reminder that they ‘owe’ the money?

And if so is this just the once? A reminder each ‘pay day’ might be useful as I am not aware at how obviously they show up in the other persons app. Meaning that they could be ignored by out of sight out of mind.

I am aware there is the function to manual remind - however the option to turn on an automatic reminder would be beneficial- as i am sure not everyone purposeful forgets to pay their tabs. It’s easy to forget.

Thanks :hugs:

I’m pretty sure my partner has been receiving a notification to say that he hasn’t sent me the money. He normally will send when he receives this, so not sure if it goes again after that.

Do you know when that is, such as a day after you sent the request?

I don’t think he received it that quickly - someone from Monzo may be able to confirm, I think it is a couple of days later. @simonb, do you know?

Ooh how do you send a manual reminder? I’ve been trying to figure it out! Automatic reminders would be great though :+1:t2:

Having looked you can only sent reminders on tabs - not split bills… even more of a reason why it would be fabulous.

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Pretty sure the notifications must stop at some point. I just had to ask someone for £100 from splits they missed from a couple of months back. Not ideal…

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