Auto reminder for split payments

I would love to see a automatic reminder when people forget to approve split payments. Find it very awkward to trigger it myself since people know it’s me. So would love to have a feature that would remind the payee about the payment after a few days. :blush:

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As far as I am aware it will only send out one notification when you trigger the split, after that I dont think it triggers anything unless the “lender” goes and press remind.

I have a few friends that are very forgetful by nature, they are definitely not avoiding to pay me, but I find it super awkward to remind them haha. So a automatic reminder would be amazing :blush:

It’s your money, I’d say nag away. Shame on them for not being proactive and reassuring you that you will be repaid!

I’m pretty sure it sends reminders automatically too :slight_smile:

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Just ask. They’re the ones in debt, they got no room to be offended.

Or stop paying for stuff.

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Haha no of course, I still remind them. But easy for me to forget as well if we have used the function a lot, so a reminder for unsettled split payments would definitely be a good thing.

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I checked my shared tab for the first time in like a year and there’s two unpaid requests in there from last Summer.

I’m like… do I pay them or keep quiet :sweat_smile:

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Have you checked if you paid them? My other half sometimes just sends the money instead of doing the shared request.

Man logic :man_shrugging:t3:

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Hahah no exactly, so awkward when you don’t notice straight away :joy:

Haha just why, so much easier just pressing approve :joy::joy:

I will never know.

He also ignores my requests (feels like it anyway), then starts pinging me some, so I send all my reminders :joy:

Hahah omg, sounds like he just likes spending time on it :joy:. You keep on sending your reminders :joy::raised_hands:

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I do get the odd comment like why didn’t you tell me these were here… ummm.

Granted his old phone was a bit naff, now he has a Pixel 6 too, there’s (hopefully) no escaping the notifications.