2 month wait times?

Hi all,

previous Monzo customer (switched out) wanting to rejoin (have read all previous posts about rejoining) used to use Monzo as main bank regret switching etc. They removed my email and mobile number saying I can apply again. App saying declined but emailed with all info. First reply took 1 month and they asked me to re-download the app and login again to check I can still access the application saying they are looking forward to my reply so they can complete the review (sounds positive?). So I did this in about 3 minutes and replied back saying I’d done it. It’s now been over another month and still no reply? So I’ve rejoined the queue? So a total of 2 months of waiting to get a yes/no answer?

I’m not sure this is normal to have an over 8 week wait for an answer from a modern mobile bank? No one on phone will help and obvs no point emailing the line since they’re clearly different departments.

Appreciate any feedback or thoughts. Would really like to get this sorted!!

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I don’t think you can get this sorted.

The app has said no, which is the answer that most get when trying to rejoin. There clearly isn’t a system for it, so it depends if someone wants to go “above and beyond” to fix it or not. By the looks of it your first email found someone that would, then the second time it didn’t.

You can either email again, wait or give up.


While that’s true right now, what a horrible experience as a customer.


If the app denied you then it’s probably not going to change by emailing Monzo. My partner is in the same situation where she closed her own account and now can’t get another even after they removed her details off the old account.

Time to move on.

All fair comments about move on. I think the point I was trying to make is why can’t they just respond - surely it shouldn’t take 2 months?


It hasn’t taken two months though has it? It’s taken a month, twice?

Two days, two months, two years, doesn’t really alter anything. Customer service should be better, but you aren’t a priority so you’re left in an inbox waiting for someone to get to you.

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Has it gone to junk/spam? Some providers have both folders and may need to go through web access to see.

If you’ve been declined one I’d not hold out being approved the second time, whatever they said in their first reply.

Assuming you have a bank account anyway so you’re in no worse off position.

Just wait it out. You can try calling but probably not the team needed to speak with to resolve.

Yeah obviously I have other bank accounts. Seems if you leave once that’s it :joy: more so just wanted an answer irrelevant of the outcome

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That is pretty much the answer, if you leave it now seems to be permanent.


I closed Monzo about 6 months ago but I rejoined in December. I sent an email and didn’t get a response back either so I called and got through to someone who removed my old details from the app and I managed to rejoin with no issues. The adviser did state that once an account is closed you can’t rejoin again until 30days later. I’m glad I managed to rejoin coz I do love Monzo features.

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Snap. I switched out too and decided I wanted to come back. They removed my email and phone number and when I finished the checks it said I was declined in having an account. I’ve waited a week so far and no reply to my email from the decisions team. I’ve since opened an account at HSBC as they have a similar feature of balance after bills which I find really useful. Shame monzo aren’t bothered about customers returning. Oh well.

So you left, rejoined, left again, and were surprised they wouldn’t let you back again?


I’m pretty sure some banks are the equivalent of the user asking to leave and you aren’t apses back.

Banks don’t always let you rejoin.