Farcical in-app support

So, after years of problem free banking with Monzo I’ve just had my first experience of Monzo in-app support - it’s terrible! After waiting for replies & being transferred randomly I was told that the problem would be passed on to their “payments team” who will be in contact with me within 24 hours.


No answer as to why or if I can still use my account in the meantime & no more answers to any questions until then.

This is not support at all, it’s absolutely farcical.

So they’ve passed it on to someone who can deal with the query, sounds like they’ve done something to be fair.

There’s no context in your post to be able to see how ‘farcical’ it’s been. I’ll just take your word on that.

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Has your account been blocked? If yes then they can’t tell you any more

24 hours waiting time for support is farcical in any industry, but especially the banking industry. I need to make a payment now. Today. They couldn’t even tell me if I could still use my account - they had absolutely no idea what’s going on.

That’s farcical.

It isn’t farcical.

You have a problem, you’ve had a reply, your problem has been escalated and you’ll get a reply within 24 hours. It’ll likely be sooner, that’s just worst case.

Wow. How many staffers are using this forum?

@Revels: Please refrain from posting in my threads. Thank you.

As you were told the last time you made an angry ranting thread, this community is 99% Monzo customers/people who talk about banking.

You’re not going to get a Monzo staff reply.


None of us work for Monzo, just clearly pointing out you’ve had a response and it’s being escalated to a team that can tell with whatever this issue is.

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That’s too slow & not good enough.

You do know that’s not how this works, right?

You’re on a forum, anyone can reply. If you don’t want that then just deal directly in app


No answers in the app.


Well unfortunately it is, what it is. No one said it’ll take that long, that’s just an estimate. Without any context about said problem, I can’t agree or disagree with your comments about how it’s farcical. Having a rant won’t get you anywhere to be fair. Grab a brew and chill until they reply.

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They’ve given you then answer, someone will come back to you. There’s nothing the forum can do to help

If it’s a payment over £10,000 then a specialist team needs to deal with it

If it’s that your account has been blocked then a specialist team needs to deal with it and they have to be very vague

I’m not on the forum looking for help, I’m here to leave feedback of my experience. If you don’t like it, don’t post.

That feedback doesn’t do anything though unfortunately.


Raise a complaint in chat and it will be investigated for you :+1:

I never said it did. It’s here for customers to leave their feedback. That’s what I’m doing.

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Monzo have their processes, though it’s not clear what the issue was; feel free to expand a little?

If it’s too slow, it might be time to consider another bank that will do (whatever you are trying to do) quicker for you.


You’ve posted this in the ‘done’ section. So are you now happy with the outcome?