Login problems please help

Hi, my phone broke yesterday and I’m trying to login on another phone but every time I try sign in it’s saying the email is wrong when that’s the email I used to sign in :woman_facepalming: I messaged the help team but haven’t got anything back yet, I need to get into my account as I have money to withdraw and can’t as they are in the saving pots.

Hi. Welcome.

You don’t log in with an email for Monzo.

So you’ve inputted your email, does it send you a secure magic link to log in with? If it doesn’t, it’s highly likely you’ve used the wrong email. Do you have any others?

Have a look here

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It defo isn’t the wrong email @, thanks anyway

You’ll need to explain in more detail the steps that you’re taking and what is happening.

  1. You press log in
  2. You enter your email
  3. You receive an email with a magic link

And so on…

As far as I know, the Monzo login doesn’t support the reporting of email addresses as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, which makes for a good security measure, so I don’t understand what you’re reporting.

As Ordog asks, please give us some steps and some results although, after 6 days, the urgency may have evaporated.