Getting back into my app

Hey can anyone help ive just got a new phone and trying to log back into my monzo app but every time I go through the app there is no login bit and it’s just putting me through the application to set up for a new card any help will be appreciated thanks

This happens when you’re using the wrong email address, double check you are using the same email that you signed up with.

Also, try deleting and re-installing the app. There have been reports in the past where you use the Apple new phone transfer service/process that the app misbehaves, but a delete/reinstall can fix it.

Ok I think I could be the wrong email address as I’ve also forgot the password for my email address and I’ve had it that long it’s got an old phone number on it I don’t have anymore.

Ok, if you can’t get in your old email you should email and they’ll run through some checks to get you logged in, may take a while unfortunately.

From this post

Add a picture of yourself with ID to help speed it up.

Thanks you guys