Downloaded Monzo on a new phone and unable to log in

(Rachel) #1

I’ve downloaded Monzo on a new phone and am unable to log in. Every time I submit my phone number and the verification I receive a something went wrong email.
I’m off on holiday tomorrow and need to get setup.


Hey @Rachelkproctor :wave:

It sounds like you’re using the wrong email address, can you log out and try the one associated with your account?

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(MikeF) #3

I thought he phone number was only requested on signing up for a new account?


It is when I’ve swapped phones I’ve entered email address and had magic link emailed to me.


The phone number shouldn’t come up , unless you are trying to sign up again :thinking:
Make sure to click on Log in and type the same email address you have used on your account . It should work. Let me know how you are getting on.