Monzo app refuses to let me login

I tried to launch the app on my iPhone this morning and it won’t let me login, I get a screen saying “Unfortunately, we can’t offer you a Monzo account”. I have tried the Monzo web site and that says that there is no account associated with my email.

I have no idea what has happened.

When you log in, if you don’t use a Monzo registered email, you will be directed to the signup flow. We’re you prompted for further details (phone number etc.)? If so this is the signup flow.

Are you using the same email you registered for Monzo with? Easiest way I’ve found to locate the correct email address if you have multiple is to look for an old magic link email they look like this:

And come from

You aren’t logged in on anything else? I.e. a iPad, as you can only login to one device

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Thanks, I tried that and it tells me that " We couldn’t find any accounts associated with your details, did you use the right email? You can log out and try logging in again, or call us on [0800 802 1281](tel:+44800 802 1281)."

The email account is the correct one, I have all the past correspondence with Monzo in there. I have now been on the phone to the number shown for that last 12 minutes, listening to some awful music then told that no one was available.

I just don’t believe the Coronavirus excuse for not manning help lines now - it’s a handy fiction.


No, not logged in on anything else.

People have been reporting difficulties in reaching Monzo on the phone for quite some time. Pandemic issues won’t have helped, so maybe half fiction.

There is always the option of emailing them. It’s

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Thanks, I am just about to do that.

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The only other thing I can think of is have you had a new phone or restored from a backup? Some iOS users have reported that the app doesn’t work consistently if its been restored. If so an uninstall and fresh install has been the remedy.

Did you already have an active account with Monzo? The error message you mention suggests you applied for an account and were declined

If you did, but saw that message and now it says it can’t find an account, another option could be that your account was closed by Monzo with immediate effect. If that is the case, you should’ve received an email from them – check your spam folder too.

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, or installing on a new device?

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app. It takes me through the same sign-in loop that ends up saying they can’t offer me an account.

i have received no warning that my account was to be closed (I have also checked that spam folder), I am guessing that it is either a serious glitch in Monzo’s system, or that some fraudulent action has triggered this effect.

what do you think the fraudulent action was that could have possibly triggered this , you presumably got a notification of the last transaction ? or tried to carry out a transaction and it was declined ? …and to be clear Im not accusing you of making fraudulent transactions …just seems a strange conclusion to come to

I have no idea what action could have triggered it. However, everything has been working normally for that last three years until this morning. If it isn’t a fault on Monzo’s side and I am confident I have done nothing to induce such an error, then I presume fraudulent action. I have no evidence for it though.

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well I hope you get it sorted , as others have said make sure you are entering your correct email address is the only thing I can think of , as I have made that mistake before , it looks right but wasn’t … you have already deleted and reinstalled your app as the usual solution … I dont log out of my account unless I want to upgrade to the latest version.

It must be a terrible situation to be in!

One thing I can suggest is that are super slow to respond because email isn’t their priority (I emailed them in 2018 to reopen an account I closed and still haven’t had a response – luckily I had chat access on the closed account in-app(?) and I could get help that way)

Try tweeting @ them if you have Twitter - their social team seems quite responsive and can try to help via DMs


I am happy to report that my problem is now fixed. Thanks to the suggestion to get in touch via DM on Twitter I got in contact with a super helpful lady via email who sorted things out.

As has been suggested, it was a problem with the email account I was using - not quite as basic an error as might be imagined since the issue was that I use an account that switched its domain and the address remained just the same apart from the three letter extension. Mail sent to either the old or new domains comes to me but for sign-in purposes they are treated differently.

Thank you everyone for your help - it really did help!


Its great when posters come on with problems and let the people that try to help the OP know what the solution was for their problem - quite rare - thanks :+1:


Hi Im facing the same issue could you help me Im really worried

As I said in my feedback, my problem was that I had used the wrong email address. I couldn’t remember which email address I had used (I have about six different email addresses) but I eventually found the correct one. I had to keep uninstalling and reinstalling the app to get it to show me a new sign up page after the wrong addresses caused it to reject me.

If you can’t do it this way, use Twitter to contact someone in Monzo by sending them a Direct message. They got back to me pretty quickly and we then continued our conversation on email.
Hope you sort it out, I know how worrying it can be.

Hi May & welcome :wave:

If you can’t remember which email you used when you signed up to Monzo, on a laptop/desktop using a browser (which can also access your email(s) being attempted), go to - this is the ‘emergency’ access to minimal features if you lose your phone. It will send an email to the address you type in with a ‘magic link’ which will allow you to log in to the emergency access portal as follows:

Type in the email address you think you used when you signed up to Monzo

  • If it works and you can login, then that’s the email address to use to login to Monzo on your phone
  • If it doesn’t work, try another email address that you had used to sign up to Monzo. Please also ensure the ‘magic link’ emails are not going to spam and whitelist the domain ‘’ to ensure the magic link emails are received properly in the future

Good luck :crossed_fingers:

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Hi david

I only have one email that I use and I put in the correct one, they asked for a picture of some id and made me say a line in the camera for verification. They said the process of verification can take upto 48 hours. When i checked it said they can not offer me an account and the app kept closing.

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