Logging back into monzo

I restarted my phone last night and when I went to log into monzo it sent me through the whole stage where I have to prove my identity again.

I deleted the app and redownloaded it a few times to check I had pressed log in which I did. I took myself through the process which it told me to (proving my identity with passport and speech video etc) and it has been sat on waiting for verification of account info all evening.

I just want to know if this is normal? As it’s my pay day tomorrow and I kind of need to use the bank account and check my balance etc. I tried logging in with a different email and it stopped me saying it was wrong so I must’ve used the right email.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you

No. It’s because you’ve not used the email address you signed up with.

Try again with your other email address.

I did try and it stopped me with a notification saying there is no account with this email. But it hasn’t done that with the one I have used now?

Hi Lilly & welcome :wave:

Sorry to hear you are experiencing problems - let’s see if we can fix 'em:

This is the worrying part. If you already have a Monzo account then there is no need to go through the verification process (you are already verified!) If the app took you through to this stage then you used a different email address to the one you used when you initially signed up for Monzo.

In other words, trying to login with the second, incorrect email address forced you into the SIGN-UP flow, when you should have simply gone through the LOG-IN flow (using the correct email address)

So at this point, you basically have 2 Monzo accounts - one that is verified and working with xxx@yyy.zzz email address and one that is now being verified using a different email address.

The best thing is to LOG-IN with the initial xxx@yyy.zzz email address and then get in contact with Monzo re; in-app chat to let them know that the application from your second, incorrect, email is a duplicated application and not required.

If you enter an email address not associated with a Monzo account it starts taking you through the sign up process.

Therefore you need to double and triple check that you’re entering the correct email you signed up to Monzo with. Check for typos and everything too.

What do I do if I can’t remember the email I signed up with? Because I was almost very certain I signed up with the one I typed in. I don’t use any other email.

You have to call or email Monzo but it will take a long time because they focus their resource on helping customers through in app chat.

Try searching your email account for emails from Monzo. That will help you identify which address you used.

I have done and nothing recent comes up but I have no other email address. So I’m confused to where my accounts gone because I’m certain I used the email address I did.

Don’t forget to check your spam folder.

If you have no emails from Monzo then that’s a sure sign that it’s not the address you signed up with. Assuming of course you’ve not deleted them.

I did reset my phone so recent emails aren’t there as it’s only from when my phone was last backed up. But there was the ones that it send you to log in. It’s still on the page of verifying account info that could take 48 hrs do you think it’s worth deleting the app and starting again or? I don’t want all my money to disappear that’s all!

Your money isn’t going to disappear because you can’t log into your account. It will just be sat there waiting for when you figure out your login details.

If it’s taking you through the signup flow that means you’ve not entered the address associated with your account. Search on here quickly to see lots of confirmation of this.

If you’re struggling. Call or email Monzo and they will help. Expect several days - up to a week for a reply.

Right okay thank you

Good luck! :crossed_fingers:

Your money is safe - don’t worry. You just need to log in to your account.

You mention you backed up your phone which by reason means you have also restored from said back-up, which can cause problems (iOS). Run through the checks here;