My account is not working at all

My Monzo account is not working. Apparently I don’t have an account. Hello, is there anyone from Monzo here who can actually help me? I have tried to call, I have sent 5 emails and yet no response. I am desperate as is the only account I have and is not working. I do have an account, I even have a card! Please help me, this is madness!

There phone number is apparently 24/7, not sure about email. all you can really do is keep trying, you might also be able to shame them on social media if you can get enough publicity in an attempt to get them to respond to you and fix your issue.

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Unfortunately no one on the forums can help you with account related issues. The only way is via the number on the back of your card, or in app chat.

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That’s not even working. I mean, the account I can see it still exists as I ordered food and is being prepared. But I have to make payments and I cannot use the app. This is just absurd.

What error message are you getting? A screenshot would help

If I understand correctly you have an account but Monzo are telling you that you don’t?

You’re obviously not providing the same details you gave them when you signed up :thinking:

Should be something Monzo could sort out over the phone in a couple of minutes though surely?

Do you mean you are unable to log in to the app? I would check you’re using the same email address as the one you signed up with. That’s almost always the problem when this sort of issue happens.

I am. I am doing everything correctly. It accepts my email but then it ‘can not verify my phone number’. But when I try to log in from the website it can’t even recognise my email address. It’s not fair that I just spent £10 in horrible food just to make sure the account still exists. I mean, I can’t log in with the app and I can’t log in through the website. It’s not my email or my phone, it has to be them.

Right. So now you’re giving detail this helps.

You’re getting the unable to verify number error? Correct?

What was the food? Where from? On a scale of 0 to :poop:, how bad was it?

So many questions.


If it’s asking for mobile number then you’re going through the sign up rather than the login or you’re using a different email address

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Yeah. This happens because you used the wrong email. If you exit and reopen the app but immediately see the request for a phone number or error message you need to delete the app, restart the device, reinstall the app and make sure you login with the email you signed up to Monzo with. This will be the email you have existing Monzo emails in if you wanna check. You may have also misspelt your email when logging in.

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They don’t ask for phone number when you log in, only when you sign up for a new account

Delete and reinstall the app and follow the log in instead of sign up instructions using the correct email linked to your account


It was from McDonald’s, it was expected to be crap.

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I have done this. I have reinstalled the app like a thousand times and yet after using my email asks me which phone number I want linked to my account. Like it kinda recognises my email linked to my account but yet asks me for my telephone number and ‘sorry, we cannot verify your phone number’. I mean, I have used the email I used to open the account and nothing happens either. I also tried to log in from the website and it doesn’t even recognise my email, it says that email is not linked to any account.

It really sounds like you’re using the wrong email, especially since you can’t log into the web version

I will flag this up for staff but I’m not sure any will be around the forum today


Are you definitely sure you are using the right email? This is the behaviour when it’s an email that’s not registered to an account.

Well, I did this. Didn’t work. Still don’t know what else am I supposed to do.

Hey – this sounds like you are using the incorrect email address. When it asks to link a phone number, this is the sign up process and not the login process. This only triggers when we don’t recognise the email address. Is it possible you used a different email to signup?

Unfortunately, we can’t be much more help on the forum. On the back of your Monzo card there is a phone number – if you call for support, we’ll be able to help much better there.

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