Launching Pots

I’m going to try a bit of an experiment here which should make it easier for Monzo to see which functionality users would find most useful & also reduce the number of people posting requests for the same things..

This poll (which allows you to select up to 10 choices) is a list of every request that I’ve been able to find so far (I can’t edit these options so if I’ve missed any, you’ll need to post them as a comment), please vote for all of the functionality that you’d find useful.

  • Schedule automatic transfers into Pots, either by date or when you get paid
  • Schedule automatic transfers out of Pots (including Direct Debits & Standing Orders)
  • Transfer the change from each transaction into a Pot
  • Sweep money from the current account into Pots (i.e. at the end of each month)
  • Transfer money into Pots when the CA is credited with an amount over a certain threshold
  • Transfer money out of Pots when the CA balance gets too low
  • Make payments from Pots
  • Retrospectively assign a transaction to a Pot, after it’s been made
  • Shared access to Pots
  • Lock Pots for set amount of time
  • Specify precise amounts to transfer in / withdraw from Pots
  • Custom images for Pots
  • Each Pot has it’s own account number (& therefore, an IBAN too)
  • IFTTT integration
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Thanks to the Leaders who helped make sure that I didn’t miss (too many) of the requests for this poll :raised_hands:

there’s been lots of discussion about this feature here already too -