Automated pots for incoming payments

Hi all,

For those of us who aren’t quite ready to go #fullmonzo there’s a really easy way for Monzo to get us to put more money in pots.

I think there should be the option for each pot to toggle an automated transfer from Monzo to the pot if the name of the pot matches the payment reference for the incoming payment.

For example, I have monthly travel tickets, fuel allowances etc which I like to pay for on my Monzo card, but I want to keep it in pots until I use it.

If I can just set up an automated standing order from my main account with payment reference ‘travel’, it would automatically be moved into my ‘travel’ pot and that way I can manage multiple pots easily.

This could also make a really nice workflow for people who want to regularly invest in the forthcoming interest-paying pot with minimal hassle.

Apologies is this has been suggested before…

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Cool idea! I can see how that would be useful. At the moment reoccurring pot payments are coming. But the transfer has to be from your Monzo account. I know it’s not exactly what you mentioned but it’s a step towards your idea :slight_smile:


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The issue I have found with IFTTT is that you cannot use a deposit as a trigger at the moment. It has to be a date.

e.g. I get paid 25th of the month and have a SO for a sum to transfer to my Monzo account.

I have timed regular payments then, using IFTTT, to split that sum between pots and main account.

Issue with this? When 25th is a weekend or bank holiday and the deposit is not in my Monzo account when IFTTT tries to divide it.

Result: Likely to be failed transaction and have to do it manually, which defeats the whole object of using the applet.

If the IFTTT transfer could be triggered by a deposit into the account, as suggested, that should bypass my current foreseeable issue.

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Hey all!

What do you think about the idea of incoming payments going directly into pots by mentioning the pot in the reference?

I’ve been using the hashtags more and more recently to mark my payments and they’ve given me the idea that this could be achieved by using @-tags.

So for example, if I have a pot called “Holiday Savings”, money could be paid directly into the pot by using my normal account number and sort code, but by starting the reference with “@HolidaySavings” - to work properly, it should ignore spaces and letter-cases.

Transactions paid directly into pots could show it in your statement like this:

What do you think? :slight_smile:

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