Keep track of what you’re owed with Shared Tabs

(Richard Cook) #1

Introducing: Shared Tabs :tada:

Thanks to everyone who helped us test this in Monzo Labs!

Shared Tabs 📑
Shared tab: deleting shared payments is too easy :cold_sweat:
An idea for the shared tabs
Retrospective Split Payments
(Rob) #2

Well done for taking time to use feedback from Labs and let the feature mature before pushing it out to full release. A great example of how Labs should be used!

(Fergus) #3

This looks great.

Does it allow all members of the tab to add to it, and work out the balance owed from one to the other?

e.g. someone buys one meal, and the other buys the next etc etc.

(Tom Halloran) #4

Sweet! Look forward to giving this a proper go now all my friends have access to it. Given how much love people have (had??) for Splitwise I can see this becoming a hit feature


That’s exactly what it does.

Any member of the tab can add a transaction from their feed to it. When you tap the settle button, Monzo works out who owes what to make it all even (or uneven, if you want).

Monzo Labs: Shared Tabs 📑
(Fergus) #6

Thanks! :beers:

(Jack) #7

Used this feature last weekend and will be again this weekend. Makes sorting out who owes what sooooo much easier.

I love how simple it is to use. There’s one or two things I think it could do better such as linking the payments back to the original transactions better? But on the whole it’s fab!

(#fullmonzo joint account since Aug18) #8

Will this work (and payment requests in general) with joint accounts in the future? I do not use my personal account at all.

(Brad) #9

Had a slight issue when trying this out earlier. I was trying to edit the amount someone owed in the split, so I clicked on the value and backspaced twice (original value was 0.65).

When the 6 and 5 were removed (so it was technically on zero), the field auto-filled itself to be 0.00 and the remaining amount automatically shoved itself into the other payee.

So 0.35 / 0.65 jumped to 1.00 / 0.00 for example.

Not a major issue, I could then re-delete the first two digits and enter in a new value but it seems a little janky to use when manually entering amounts.


The answer to this may be obvious but do shared tabs work only with friends on Monzo?


For now, yes


Thank you

(Jai Sullivan) #13

Agreed, well done Monzo :monzo:

(Nathan) #15

So does this mark the end of actual “bill splitting” on an individual transaction?

I’m more likely to make a tab now because it offers a way to monitor if that transaction was paid for or not which to me feels a bit overkill for a single transaction.

Would love a way to send reminders for whats owed for individual transactions using bill split also please :pray:

Not meaning to make this too negative, great feature that ill use alot :slight_smile: especially with my flatmates

(Colin Robinson) #16

From the blog post:
In October, we launched a new way to split bills in the Monzo app. And that’s great for the one-off transactions you have, like dinners and trips. But there are times you’ll want to share multiple payments with other people. That might be a big night out or long weekend. Or it could be longer ongoing things like splitting household bills with your flatmates.


Is anyone else unsure about the “Add Bills” wording?

“Add Bills” suggests to me that this is the place to add recurring payments.

I think something like “Add Transactions” or “Add to Tab” would be better.

(Nathan) #18

Sorry Colin maybe i worded that incorrectly.

I didnt mean would they be removing it more that would they not be adding the functionality to remind a user to pay a bill split if they havent done so in a similar way to the new tab function.

For me anyway ill now go and make a tab for every single transaction just because its easier to ask for a square up than to awkwardly ask someone to scroll down their feed and send for the 1 transaction bill split id asked for.

And to me this shouldnt be the case :man_shrugging:


This looks really interesting! Does anyone know how this could work in my situation…

I share my flat with 2 others:

I pay rent by monthly scheduled transfer - can this by designated to a tab?
I pay all bills by direct debit - it seems these can be designated to a tab?

My 2 flat mates pay me a third of the total by standing order from their non-monzo banks each month.

Currently, this means my summary always thinks I don’t have any money because it doesn’t recognise the monthly transfers to me from housemates as income, but it recognises my payments for rent and bills as committed spending.

Can standing orders into my account my designated to a tab? If not, could it automate requesting money from others monthly or before bills are due or anything like that?

Does the summary page react to the payments from others in the tab?

If not… would love to see some of these features be looked at for future!

(Colin Robinson) #20

Well you could always try it with the rent first and see how you get on. :thinking:


I’m not able to start one until it accepts non-monzo accounts and I’m an eager beaver!

From looking I have the option to add when I transfer rent from transaction in my history to a shared tab - but it’s not then clear if future transfers would be in the tab automatically.

I can’t see any options for shared tabs when I go into manage scheduled transfers.