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Shared Tabs

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Share expenses with your friends on Monzo, and settle up with what you all owe.

Update 9/11: Get a sneak peek of Shared Tabs in Monzo Labs! :eyes:

Update 13/12: Shared Tabs are now available for everyone! :tada:

We’d love to know:

  • What kind of things will you create tabs for?
  • Who will you share tabs with?

Whilst I feel tabs are great, the simple fact that everything is split evenly is annoying. If I buy a round of drinks but also get some food for myself I don’t want this food split as well. That’s as good an example I can think of off the top of my head.

Not sure how easy it would be to edit the amount you want added to the tab, rather than the full transaction amount.

Using the above example…
Transaction total - £32.57
My food - £12.99
Put in Tab - £19.58

Great for days out with friends where you have multiple transactions across multiple cards.


Not sure if team are aware, but notifications continue even after you leave a tab


And it’s highly annoying and adds panic if you don’t read the notification properly. Made me think there was spending on my card when there wasn’t.

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Shared tabs came along at just the right moment for me as I am on a trip so have been using it to add transactions over the last few days. I was wondering about how it is going to work with summary and categories once we settle up at the end though?

Say you have a mix of categories for the transactions in the list or even have them all assigned to one category such as “holidays”. If I were using the split the bill feature on a single transaction the positive amount would cancel out the total spend in a category. If I get a single payment from someone after settling up at the end, will it affect my spending categories totals at all? Or only the category I mark the incoming payment as maybe? Ideally i’d want it to count against all the different spending categories by the amount that was spent in each.


You can now check out a sneak peek of Shared Tabs in Monzo Labs:

If you’ve got any feedback, let us know in that thread!

Unfortunately we can’t split up a payment into multiple categories.

But we do make a guess of the most appropriate category, based on which category in the tab has the highest amount. So if they’re all categorised as Holidays, then the payment requests / payments will also have the category Holidays.

Does that make sense? :slight_smile:

Thanks Tim, yes that makes sense. Although obviously I have no control over what categories other members of the tab choose to use, if I use “holidays” for example on all my transactions, will that be the category any payment I receive using tabs will count against in my summary?

That’s a good point! Currently it looks at all the transactions, but we should change it to just consider your transactions :blush:

ICYMI, Shared Tabs are now available for everyone!

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