Monzo Labs: Shared Tabs 📑

Hi all,

Today we’re bringing a new feature to Monzo Labs: Shared Tabs!

What are Shared Tabs?

Shared Tabs are a way of keeping track of payments you’d like to share with other people on Monzo.

So you might create a Shared Tab for a weekend away with your friends. You each pay for various things over the trip, add them to the tab, and then settle what you each owe at the end. We’ll do the maths for you, and make sure it’s all fair!

Why are we bringing this to Labs?

We want to give our community early access to this feature. Play with it, let us know how you’re using it, and if there’s anything confusing.

When will this come out of Labs? Is this a final version?

We don’t expect to make any major changes to Shared Tabs before we launch. So what you’re seeing now is more or less what we’ll launch with. We’re just giving you access a week or so early.

To use it:

  1. Opt in through Monzo Labs (you’ll need to be on app version 2.22.0 or above)
  2. Restart the app
  3. Head to the Payments tab
  4. Tap Request

You can add any of your contacts on Monzo to a shared tab. This will also turn it on for them, so they’ll be able to create their own tabs with their contacts.

Current limitations:

  • Share a tab with people who aren’t using Monzo
  • Add non-Monzo payments, like using cash
  • Add someone new to a tab once it’s been created
  • Add a payment to more than one tab
  • Use Shared Tabs with a joint account

These are things we’re aware of and likely won’t change before launch.

Let us know what you think!


I’ve turned this on but I don’t see anything different in my request tab :sweat:

image image

Edit: clicking the notification in the feed forced it to start working

Could have done with this over summer holidays :grin:. Although I’m sure it will come in use over the next few weeks. Good idea monzo!


You should mention you need the latest build 2.22.0 to use this feature (that’s on iOS, no clue about Android, sorry!).

Edit: I’m presuming this as I haven’t updated my app and don’t have the option showing.


Looks nice but I don’t have anyone to try it on, share some screenshots if you use it! :raised_hands:t2:


Initial screen when creating a tab looks a little bit clunky, like from a UX point of view - What am I meant to be doing here and why? - Tab name field isn’t overly obvious that it’s a field and looks broken - Also there’s no hint that it needs to be filled out to continue other than the greyed out button :slightly_frowning_face:



Just trying out with my other half.

One bit of feedback - would be good to be able to add a payment straight from the home screen (like when you’ve the option to split a payment) into a tab.

Also the option to delete an item that you have added to the tab - means if you add something by accident you can get rid but someone else on the tab can’t just delete your item so they owe less!


Thanks, will mention!


I’ve turned this on but I don’t see anything different in my request tab :sweat:

Sorry about that! You probably need to quit your iOS app (swipe up from the app switcher) and try again :slight_smile:

the option to delete an item that you have added to the tab

You can definitely do this :thinking:


Very cool feature.

Seems you can only split things equally.

Any way to change the split?


Not currently—what are you looking for?

It would be great to have the same functionality as Bill Splitting.

A few examples I can think of would be flat mates who pay different amounts of rent, someone buying different priced drinks in a round at the pub etc…


As @awjdean just said, sometimes I want to split something 60/40 (eg if I earn more than my partner for household bills), or if people have used different amounts of anything


I’m glad to see this has made it’s way into Monzo labs.

Testing this out it seems that I can only add transactions that date back to the 31st of October, is there a reason for this?

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This is such a cool idea! :smiley: I am going to try it out tonight.

So, um… anyone got any trips planned this weekend? :palm_tree: :smile:


Will this work if my partner doesn’t have it enabled?

When you invite people, it’ll automatically be turned on for them in Labs :blush:

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Awesome! Thanks

So we can SPAM anyone in our contacts list with a shared tab :smiling_imp: