Keep track of what you’re owed with Shared Tabs

(Sean) #22

Both of these types of transactions can be added to the tab.

Nothing like this available at the moment but it’s a good idea. Would be good to be able to add any incoming payments to the tab in the same way as you can with transactions; this way your flat mates could set a scheduled order to you in advance and adding them to the tab would ensure the correct amount owed is shown.

The settled payments for the tab will be included in summary if you select an appropriate category for that incoming payment. This will actually mess up your summary a bit by the sounds of your situation as the committed outgoing don’t show but the incoming payment will (making it seem like you have more to spend than you do).

In my mind the best way for this to work would be:

  1. Flatmates set up a SO for the approximate correct value of the bills which is added to the Shared Tab (FMs in credit)
  2. Committed spending leaves your account and each payment is added to Shared Tab
  3. At the end of the month (or some other time period) you can settle the tab for any differences due to bill variance (Tab Settled for now).

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Taking into account previous payments in Tabs

Is there a way to do it when they are scheduled rather than after they’be been paid or am I missing something?

I think I’ve convinced one… but the other is really reluctant!

(Sean) #24

Nothing automatic at this stage but here’s hoping it will be added in the future.

Free tenner can’t go wrong; even if they only use it to settle the bills (they won’t really they’ll fall in love at first use).

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #25

bit of a bug ? went out for a curry last night Dec 14th - closed the tab today Dec 15th

  • The settlement date is incorrect and not completely visible.
  • There were plainly 4 participants in the shared tab , and shows 0 participants, should that not be 4 ?

Iphone 5s 2.27.0 #492

(Daniel Edwards) #26

Sorry if this is detailed elsewhere or someone has made the suggestion, a quick look and I couldn’t immediately see anything.

I think it would be great if you could add anything into the shared tabs that have just recently been rolled out. I.e. you don’t need to select a transaction.

Say I actually paid for something on my credit card, but I wanted to split it with my husband via Monzo, I could literally just type in “beers - £20” and it would prompt him for a tenner!

What do you guys think/is this already planned?!

(Sean) #27

From the Shared Tabs Blog post

Right now you can only add payments you’ve made through Monzo to a Shared Tab, but we’ll let you add non-Monzo payments in the next release!


Been using shared tabs this weekend while on a trip. Finding them really useful, just need a few more features to make them amazing.


  • You can’t see how others have split a transaction. I assumed clicking on the transaction would show you the split.

  • You can’t see how you’ve split a transaction in a tab.

  • It would be really useful to be able to add incoming (and outgoing) bank transfers to a tab.

(Nathan Voller) #29

Could anyone help with answering the questions I posted here for me? Monzo Labs: Shared Tabs 📑

Yet to settle a tab as I want to find out how it affects categories and budgeting before I do. I think bill-splitting handles this a bit better - plus you get the added benefit of seeing what transactions you’ve paid for individually, rather than a lump sum payment at the end of a tab.

(Sean) #30

If only you could see pending bill-splits though


When you’re splitting something between greater than 2 people and you set someones contribution to 0 (as in a shared tab where one person didn’t contribute to a payment), I think the remaining amount should be split evenly between the remaining people. Love the rest of the functionality though, keep up the good work!

Addendum from my friend: Can you please add more splitting options like in splitwise, where you can split by percentages etc?

(Tom) #32

How does Shared Tabs work with Joint Accounts? I never use my personal account, my joint account is my main one (and I’m sure that’s the case for a lot of people)

(Paul) #33

At the moment I don’t think JA work with Shared Tabs

(Jamie Watson) #34

Is it possible to pay amounts other than the full tab?

(Jack) #35

Just setup my second tab. Noticed it said “1 payment” even though there aren’t any.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #36

yes still a few bugs, Ive got one tab with 11 payments on the request screen when there were 4 of us in the tab and on the tab screen it says 0 participants ???

(Nathan) #37

Pretty big bug here also. My girlfriend tried to do a part payment against a tab and then accidently sent me the full amount however she didnt have enough in her account to cover this.

The tab now says shes paid it off but i didnt recieve it obviously because she didnt have enough to send.

(Tim) #38

I’m sorry to hear that! If you can DM me your email address, I’ll take a look at your Tab and work out what happened.

EDIT: Ah, looks like you ran into a rather nasty bug :grimacing: We’ll work to get that fixed. Thanks for reporting!

EDIT: This is now sorted—about ten customers were affected. We’ll fix things up, and if it’s caused your tab to reopen, we’ll send you a message to avoid any confusion :blush:


Another oddity (maybe a bug?) with Shared Tabs: for new customers who’ve not received and activated their debit cards, they can’t split a bill (they get a red screen saying “activate your card”), so they can’t use bill splitting.

But those same customers can still pay other Monzo people from the payments screen, so it doesn’t make sense that it doesn’t work for Shared Tabs (and Shared Tabs was the reason that a few people I know signed up, so it’s annoying they have to wait for the debit card before they can split).

(Tim) #40

Hey, thanks for reporting—that’s really interesting! Is this affecting someone you know right now? When did they sign up?

Before you send money through Monzo, we check that the person you’re paying has finished signup. You used to have to wait for your card before you could get into the app, so it made sense to wait—otherwise you could end up with money in your account, but no way to get it out.

But nowadays we let you into Apple Pay during signup, so you finish signup before your card arrives, and we let you into the app straight away. So I’m not sure why you wouldn’t be able to split the bill, or use Shared Tabs :thinking:


I’ve messaged you the details of the issue, let me know if you need more detail. I can confirm it still happens and still produces the “activate card” red error screen. :grimacing: