Installments in Shared Tab

I love the ideas within the Shared Tab on Monzo, the Bill Splits (including the new reminders) and the Shared Tab work brilliantly!

But, what if there was the ability to include “Installments” on the Shared Tab for money that you owe an individual/organisation where, like you do by adding transactions to the Shared Tab, it has the ability for you to add what the amount owed in total is and gives you the option to chip away at that with installments - whether those installments be a standing order/direct debit that’s assigned to the amount, or any ad-hoc transactions you add to it either in full or in part (with the latter being similar to that of the Shared Tab feature)?

Naturally, if the other party/parties are not on Monzo then you could still have it so you can keep track of what you owe, but if they are on Monzo then they can also have visibility on it too like they would a Shared Tab.

Also, any standing order/direct debit payments assigned to the Installments feature would need something to assign to it without any manual work, so here the simplicity of using the reference used on said standing order/direct debit should suffice hopefully.

I know the Shared Tab has a “Custom Bill” feature (as manual payments made to the party with whom you have a Shared Tab with cannot be added because it doesn’t show as an option), but even this can be a bit clunky and confusing to use, especially when trying to do it manually without an option in the transaction itself being able to work it out for you like it does on the bill splits and shared tabs.

I think it would definitely be a worthwhile feature anyway, but what do the rest of you think?