[iOS] Fix statements on iOS app so they are A4 size

Ever since the launch of statements in the Monzo app, the iOS app has generated them as US Letter size. There have been multiple requests for this to be changed to generate A4 sized statements, but over 18 months later, the iOS app is still generating statements in the wrong size. I’ve confirmed with a friend using Android that their app doesn’t have this issue and is generating statements as A4. Can Monzo please fix this, I’ve been holding off on downloading my statements (to keep for my records) until the paper size is correct.

Surprised this still isn’t fixed. Brought this up long ago.


I know, your post is the third link above :wink:

Is there a reason for it not being A4?

There’s never been a reason given, and the Android version now produces A4. So I assume it was just an oversight/bug in coding the feature.

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