Yet more formatting errors

(Nick) #1

Just got notification of my November spending report - it looks as shown in the image here. You cannot scroll and the total value is obscured.

Anyone else have this?

Also, why would I wish to Create a Pot here?


What size screen are you running, Nick?

(Nick) #3

iPhone 6s. Latest iOS, latest Monzo (blue) app.


Not a small 4” screen then which is what I was thinking it would be.

(Nick) #5

No. The screen is just completely static. Cannot scroll so it appears the Create Pot banner has caused the issue.

(Herp Derp) #6

What size text you got as it looks like dynamic texts is at play here?

(Nick) #7

Usual size. Reduced it down in iOS Setting and made no difference.

(Herp Derp) #8

weird as I just raised mine to max and it messed it up in a few places

(Nick) #9

Here you can see it with the smallest text possible.

(Herp Derp) #10

looks better but no idea why it is doing that tbh

(Patrick) #11

If only iOS ‘just worked’… like Android. :smile:

Every weird display, formatting error or weird app closes and the like I’ve seen has been iPhone.

iOS vs Android discussion
(Rhys Short) #12

For what it’s worth I have the same thing so probably common for 6s users.

(Stuart Tarn) #13

Glad I’m not the only one way over my targets :joy:

(Nick) #14

Useful to know it is just not my phone.

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