Monzo Statement HELP!

Hiya, I am trying to print a statement.
When I print it automatically lists the transactions back to front. So it will start from the end of the month? Unlike other banks that will list from the 1st of the month till the 30th/31st.
Also when printing the PDF the size is massive! I’ve managed to print 2 pages on one A4 but it still looks naff. Not like other banks.

Has anyone found a fix please?

Thanks in advance

I’ve never seen a statement your way, most recent is usually first. Then works backwards. If for some reason you need them the other way, you’d have to do it with the CSV export and sort it.

For printing, if you squeeze too many pages it won’t be legible but you’ll have to do this in your print settings.

I have also not seen a statement in the orientation you describe. Is it causing an issue for something?

Yeah they are very spread out, you only get around 20 transactions per A4 and the header is also half a page before you start.

Isn’t the reason for the bad sized statements because its really formatted to US letter size and not correctly for A4? I’m happy to be corrected, but statements have always looked bad which is a shame.

My latest statement is 38 pages long because of the spacing and I’ve never had one that long with any other bank. Such a large amount of paper waste Monzo is producing if I had to print it.

I don’t think it’s paper size, if you print to A4 it just scales it, it’s still ~ 20 transactions per page which is a little for its size.

I’m pretty sure this issue was fixed a couple of years ago. Can’t verify at the moment, but 98% sure.

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My comment was based on the post I quoted above from you regarding the formatting about the margins, unnecessary spacing and cut off lines, not the actual size of the paper which was corrected. That being said, I stand corrected.

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