New text sizing after update

Hi everyone,

Has anyone else noticed the text size on their app, so for budget, transactions, help page, help messages etc. has basically doubled in size since the last update? None of the settings on my phone have changed and i’ve compared it with a friend’s app and her’s is normally sized (her’s is up to date too).

I’ve contacted Monzo about it and they said this is the default text size now which I don’t understand because if it was, why does my friend’s app have the original sizing? I’ve also posted about it on another thread and no one else has noticed a change.

It’s really bothering me that everything is so oversized I have to scroll down way more now to see my transactions or messages because you can fit less on the screen.

do you have a screen shot of a page with no personal info?

edit: maybe not because you’re on android

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I’m on Android and it’s fine for me too.

I saw some other people said it was fine too when you asked this in another topic, so if all of us, your sister and Monzo are all saying it hasn’t changed then the issue is with your phone.

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Yes, see attached.

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Monzo aren’t saying it hasn’t changed though they’re saying this is the standard text size in the app now.

What difference does that make if everyone else has normal sized fonts?

Have you removed and reinstalled the app? Checked your accessibility settings? Do any other apps have large fonts?

Edit: From those screenshots your phone looks small and the font is in proportion :confused:

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It annoys me that the font is so big that it just ruins using the app for me. I’ve tried all of those things and I have no issues with any of my other apps.

That looks the same as mine, although my screen size is larger (vertically)

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It’s only since the update i’ve started having this issue, the text was fine before, but perhaps it’s how my phone has integrated the new update that has made the text bulge.

Update to Monzo or update to Android?

I wonder if as Ordog has said it’s about the proportion and my phone hasn’t integrated the update very well with it’s existing size.

Monzo update

My phone is taller too but here is my screenshot that also looks the same proportionally…

What happens if you reduce the system-wide font size in Android settings?
(Using Stock Android, this is Settings/Display/Advanced/Font size)
It can be set to small, default, large, largest - mine is set to default.

I can’t set it any lower than it’s at already :frowning:

There is definitely a scaling issue. If I overlay our 3 screenshots using the “Still looking for help?” as the baseline, they are all different;

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Screen resolution could play a factor in this though possibly. I’m a web developer and although I’ve never built natively for iOS or Android, on web we can target different screen dpi’s differently to create a more consistent style, i’d imagine native apps is similar

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Thanks for this David, it’s really helpful to see this visually. Do you know if there is a way I can fix this?

I suspect there isn’t. What screen-size is your phone and what screen-size is your friend’s phone (the one which looks ‘better’ than yours)?

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