Cannot print Statement PDF due to Monzo font?

I have been trying all morning to print a statement for proof of ID. It seems that whatever font is being used by Monzo on the pdf is not recognised by any computer or pdf reader i am using to print. I don’t understand how the issue is my end as I have tried to print with both Windows and a Macbook and neither will read the file. Once I get to print preview I get a bit of a statement layout with a jumble of letters. Can someone assist as I can’t believe that Monzo is using a font that people cannot print easily?

It’s not a font issue.

It should be embedded in the file I’d have thought, that’s the idea of a PDF so that you can print whatever is on it.

Is your PDF reader up to date? Printer up to date?

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Try downloading to your phone and emailing it to print that way?

The font shouldn’t be an issue if you can download and open it then it’s fine, I’ve downloaded multiple before and can view it fine.

Can you send a screenshot of the error message that appears?

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Sounds like your printer drivers, i can’t remember off hand but I think it’s a pcl vs postscript driver issue.

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If you’re struggling via app, reach out to chat via help and they can email you a copy, or an account ownership letter.

It could be that it’s trying to open in another document other than PDF specifically which can cause issues.

Also worth checking you have Adobe reader installed on device as that’s possibly most reliable, and free.


PDF documents are print-ready, no part of them should change or be reliant on anything else. The ‘jumble’ of symbols sounds less like a font issue and more that the file is being opened with the wrong software (or there’s a printer driver issue).

I don’t know about Windows, but a Macbook should be able to read and print using Preview.

I’ve printed fine from my phone before, mine open using Google Drives built in PDF viewer then just press print and hey presto. I tend to save my statements every month too, they always open fine and display correctly. So seems like it’s something localised to you. Hopefully you’ll get it sorted ASAP

I have the same issue. The text is in the PDF and displays if you highlight it, but until you highlight it the text is replaced by dots. The problem is that this PDF has to be sent to a mortgage company, which means it won’t help for me to update Adobe or use a different reader etc. The PDF has to open on someone else’s computer, and it won’t do that.

But the other computer might be up to date?