Android app ui issues

Heya, tried Monzo on my G4 and had some weird UI size issues. Menus and graphics are positioned wrongly and in some instances cause options not to show up at all.

When sending a payment none of the classifications are shown and the text is squashed together.
I can make out one of the four digits from my card.

Do you have the font size under accessibility set higher than the default? The numbers not fitting on the card was reported a few months ago.


the font size is fine on all the Android devices I have. It must be specific to certain makes and models with specific screen dimensions and resolutions

Aha, cheers bud. That was the issue, it seems like compatibility amongst apps is an issue as well with barclays also experiencing the same.
Went back to medium and it’s fine now, not sure why it was set to ‘very large’.

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Well I guess the G4 must be on the list of weird devices then, the screen is slightly higher res than most I’d assume at - 1440x2560.

Not a problem for me but for those who need bigger font sizes, I can imagine the struggle to use the :monzo: app.