✅ [iOS] App Slowdown & Lag

(Matthew Jones) #288

Agree with the above, the latest update is a total turd. Takes forever to display the main transaction list after the touchid login, and continues to ‘refresh’ for +10 secs. Loading the summary display is taking an age. App ver 2.25.0 #438 & iOS 12.1.1 public beta

This and the poor support response time is making me very uneasy as a full-time Monzo use now, these were the 2 big advantages for me over old-school banking.

(Sacha Zarb) #289

In addition to the lag on start up, I’m also having an issue where the app won’t update the feed, so would show new transaction in yesterdays feed, only when I force shut the app, and then restart it, will it show transactions in the right day.

(Rob) #290

I have the same issue that everyone above have reported. I wished the app didn’t update as previous version was fine.
Hopefully Monzo come out with an update soon to fix the issue.

(Danny Martinez) #291

+1 to the above comments - not on test flight

(Nathan) #292

Are you guys on the testflight version or not?

If not testflight then im a bit sad to hear things like this have been missed in testing

(Tom) #293

I’m on Test Flight and am seeing the slow startup issue, as well as images (profile pic/merchant logos) seeming to be downloaded on app launch.


I get the impression the app is either crashing or getting terminated much more aggressively than in the last version. While switching back and forth between Safari and Monzo to copy-paste some details into a merchant details update form the Monzo app seemed to re-launch from scratch and had forgotten what I was doing. If it’s constantly getting kicked out of memory it might explain why I see the Monzo logo for several seconds each time I open the app, even if I was just using it as the most recent app.

(Matt C) #295

My partner just had an issue where he clicked on my Monzo.me link and it took him into the app but only to the summary page. Not sure if this behaviour is tied to the same issue? Not on TestFlight…


Is there a possible that the slowdown and the “app resets to the Home feed when you leave it” issues could be an after effect of the code refactathon which recently happened?

If these issues weren’t present in the TestFlight version of 2.25.0, I’d say it’s definitely a possibility.

(Andrew) #297

I noticed a big slow down with the app as well as taking ages (10 seconds) to login. I also notice what I would describe as a ‘flash’ after the FaceID authentication? After reading about the reset session option in settings I turned this on, force closed the app and logged in again. After logging back in all seems fine again with no 10 second wait for the home page anymore.


Doesn’t seem to have changed it for me :worried:

(Sacha Zarb) #299

One other thing, which has driven me a little crazy is the way the app is now going back to the feed page. So I’m to copy and paste account details into a Delay Repay form, and flipping back to Safari, and back to the app, the app would leave the Account page, go back to feed, so when grabbing the account number, I had to wait for the lag, and then a few more taps to get back to my account details.

It’s minor, but really really jarring

(Scott) #300

So my app is lagging lots lately, not sure why but it’s even getting hard to use constantly freezes then catches up very annoying :frowning: anyone else got this issue?

I have iPhone 8
IOS app version 2.26.0
Any ideas? :thinking:


(James) #301

I am having severe lag in opening the app after fingerprint. I reinstalled the app and the issue is still apparent.

iPhone 8, iOS 12.1.1
App version: 2.26.0


Yeah this is pretty frustrating at the moment.


Today’s version (v2.27.0) seems much better, back to previous performance levels for me when launching / unlocking. :smiley:

(Andrew) #304

Certainly seems more responsive and launching pretty quick now. :+1: