iOS App Slowdown & Lag

(Andre Borie) #268

This is a horrible experience, I suggest you raise a formal complaint.

(Jack) #269

Have you upgraded to iOS 12?

Or maybe take a look at this. iOS performance management can slow down the phones performance if your battery is degraded.


I’m on iOS 12.1 now. Had my battery replaced 4 months ago.

I emailed again this morning and had a reply to say they’re investigating as a matter of urgency.

Thanks for the suggestion.

(Jeff) #271

iOS 12.1 is a beta — the latest official release is 12.0.1. Could this be the issue?


My apologies I meant 12.0.1

(Richard Cook) #273

Hi there @Vacuumfriends , I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the app at the moment.

It sounds like you’re already in touch with the team about this, and they’re already investigating what’s going on. If you’d like me to take a further look, please drop me a DM with your email.



Bit of a breakthrough (I HOPE!).

I’ve been in touch with Monzo through email and after much investigation their end, I was told I was the only person they know of that is having the issues I’ve been having, or has had this issue.

For weeks, the only way I could use the app was to go to my phones settings > Monzo > reset session and then open the app, login with my email and then open mail and click on the magic link. Everything would take time to load up but I was able to use the app. As soon as I hit the home button on my phone, I would have to do it all over again to get into the app.

Last week, I was asked to turn off all IFTTT triggers for monzo as they thought there was some kind of conflict between IFTTT and monzo. I did that, deleted the app and turned off my phone (as requested) and then turned the phone on and re-downloaded the app etc. It didn’t work.

Tonight I was told that a lot of time had been spent over the last few days on my issue alone and that they thought the basic problem was the same, a conflict between IFTTT and Monzo.

I was again asked to delete the app, re-download and to report back my findings.

It’s only been a few hours, but I have actually been able to close the app several times and re-open it without it crashing!!

Still early days, but I’m so happy I can’t tell you!

(Sarantis Chatziliadis) #275

I had started a similar post but got merged into this one. Since a lot of people made the same post, that the app was having speed issues, the performance of the app has phenomenally improved. From a point that it was unusable for me, now it’s really easy to just open the app and be done in 2 seconds. Now that is a bank that cares for their costumers. Thank you Monzo!

(Caspar Aremi) #276

Hate to reopen an old thread, but has anyone else noticed it being really, really slow to move money to/from pots? I get the spinning circle for a very long time before it happens, and if I accidentally close the app before it’s happened it turns out my money hasn’t moved. And I hate to tap to my transaction list and back to the pots and then back to transaction list to actually see if my balance has changed.

(👨‍💻) #277

There has been an update today. So that may fix it.

I have experienced the issue you mention in previous versions of the app. I just haven’t tried it in this current versiOn.

(Caspar Aremi) #278

It’s been over the last few weeks, not after a specific update that I noticed. I’m on TestFlight so stay up to date as soon as new releases come along.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #279

Not for some considerable time, tbh. It was all sorted for me a few updates ago.

iOS 12
iPhone X
Whatever the current Monzo app version is (normal, not test flight).

(👨‍💻) #280

The latest version of the app is buggy. I have launched the app several times this morning and I haven’t been able do anything because the keyboard pops up to block the feed. I have needed to tap on a transaction to clear the keyboard.

The start up of the app stutters after it is launched and it is very slow to begin. Is this a problem anyone else has experienced?

(Adam) #281

The latest update is buggy for me too. I launch the app, it approves the Face ID and it stays stuck on the Monzo logo for several seconds before loading my feed.

(Dan) #282

I get this too. The first 3-4 times opening the Monzo app, after authenticating via Face ID the app crashed. A couple of times subsequently it held on the logo for upwards of 10 seconds after Face ID.


This happens to me when I leave the app while doing something which uses the keyboard (eg: typing something out on the Community Forum). The app seems to refresh itself whenever I leave it.

I think it’s linked to this bug.

(conrad) #284

Opening the app today for me doesn’t authenticate with FaceID at all or go through any customer-end security.
Latest app and iOS versions.


Same for me but TouchID. I turned off WiFi because I thought my work WiFi was being slow but it’s latest version of the app. It’s also being slow to load my photo, it stays greyed out for a while.

(Ray Singh) #286

Since upgrading to the latest iOS version 2.25.0, it takes ages to load. Every time I open Monzo, the splash screen (screenshot below) stays for good 5-8 seconds before the feed appears! It was working fine before. Tried reinstalling the app but the issue remains.

(Nick) #287

I’ve been having this too… I’ve also found 2.25.0 is crash prone, and logos etc. don’t seem to be caching well.