Any communication from Monzo on iOS slowness?

I’m a full time user since the Beta days in 2016. Both my partner and I use Monzo as our daily banking app on iOS. For a few months now there’s a huge lag in the app. Prior to a few months ago, it used to take me a couple of minutes to sort out dozens of pots between my personal and our joint account on payday, yesterday it took me 30 minutes due to endless waiting when opening pots, transferring funds and waiting for transfer to complete. There’s a spinning cog wheel which lasts a good 30-60 seconds.

My partner has got the exact same issue. This has been going on for months.

I have reinstalled the app but none the better and I’m getting increasingly frustrated every time I have to open the app.

Is anybody at Monzo able to explain why? Looking through the forum there seem to be quite a few people with the same problem.

I would say it’s more likely device than Monzo, but seems strange it’s both of you.

Which thread did you see where it’s impacting others? You should add to that thread.

Also, have you switched from WiFi to mobile data instead or tried another connection? Could be your internet,

Are you using the new layout? It can take a few seconds sometimes but not anything more than 5 in my experience.

What phones do you have? New or old?

Does seem strange you’re both having same issue which leads me to believe maybe a connection issue not a device/app level issue.

I’ve been having this problem lately too. Attributed it to the iOS beta though.

Feels like a server side slowness than an app one. Just takes ages to update.

Not getting any slowness issues with the app, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s slightly linked to them trying to support two experiences in the app concurrently (old vs new look), and might improve in the future.

I know @iOS_Health were focussing on some improvements in performance/bugs etc, but wonder if they’re still going, or whether they’ve been rolled into another team :eyes:

@tiredt - which iPhones are you both using, what version of iOS?

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I have no lag on iOS, either on mobile or Wi-Fi, so I guess the issue is a bit more complex than

IOS slowness.

You haven’t mentioned what Monzo said when you contacted them. Was it useful?

This is a good shout! We’re always at home when get paid. Will certainly try without WiFi next time.

I’ve got an old XR and my partner has got iPhone 13.

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We have the same issue. Joint accounts. Constantly getting spinning circles. Moving any money takes far too long to update. The only way I can get it to function sometimes is force closing the app.

I’ve never had any problems using the iOS app,at least not that I’ve noticed. Currently I’m on the public beta of iOS 17 using an iPhone 12. I say that because a previous poster put the issue possibly down to use of beta software and that of course may be a factor but for me;no issues.

Here’s a link to the iOS Health team’s topic on the community:

I’ve specifically linked to a post in the topic where the Monzo staff member posting identifies app slowness as an issue they intend to look at.

It seems like every time you leave the base level of the new Home Screen for whatever reason, whether you open a pot, go to a new tab, or action anything, it’s waiting until you go back to the screen before communicating with the server to update, and sometimes that takes a very long time.

There are two types of slowness and I’m worried some kind of conflation might lead to a misunderstanding of what’s going on here.

The slowness referenced in the iOS health thread is related to responsiveness, and is different from the type of slowness being reported here, which is related to connectivity. Think of it as scrolling through a really long Reddit thread and your browser starts lagging, jittering and freezing vs your browser taking a really long time to load the thread in the first place.

I’m not sure why it’s behaving that way, and I can’t take a deeper look myself because Monzo won’t let me proxy it.

I’m not sure if it’s an issue for iOS health or someone in backend infrastructurer. But it makes moving money around and navigating really frustrating at the moment.

Are you on the iOS 17 beta out of interest? It equally could be that causing it to play up.

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Monzo is really slow to refresh for me too, not all the time, but a significant amount of the time. On iOS 16.6 iPhone 13 Pro.

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