iOS slow to view transaction history

I’ve started to notice that when you open the iOS app it’s really slow to update with transaction history now. Wondering if others are starting to see this too? See lots of threads on this last year around Aug/Sep but nothing more recently. Think it’s been about 2-3 weeks I’ve been noticing this.


Yeah same here… mine sometimes takes up to 30 seconds to update

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It might be your connection?

I say that only because I switched from 3 to EE, and have gone from a small lag (a few seconds) where my balance looks 0 and the summary isn’t updated, to an almost instant update on opening the app (on 4G connection, not Wifi).

Really slow on 3G or 4G connection, but don’t really notice it on WiFi…

Although I’m finding the app is gradually getting slower again…


Yeah would be nice to see some of the recent benchmark scores.

I’ve also noticed a lag on the feed load

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I have tested on a range of network conditions so have ruled that out

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I have the same.

The app’s also really slow when opening the Settings page, the Making Monzo page and the Golden tickets page.

Also really slow when deleting pots.

NB: by really slow I mean the screen would automatically turn itself off if I didn’t press it now and again while the actions are loading.

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I have that exact issue, same problems on both beta and main release. Often takes several minutes to load the settings page with Face ID settings in. Transaction list can take anything up to minute to update


My app now also takes ages to load Monzo Chat messages, to suggest merchants when using the ‘powered by Google’ search and when submitting merchant data improvements.

Basically any action which requires the app to contact Monzo’s servers seems to take ages.

NB: I’ve tested the app on a number of different WiFi connections and using 4G, but there is little improvement.

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The entire iOS app is a slow mess. Switching from personal to joint account or back it takes up to a whole minute for the balance and pots/card design to update.


Not seeing an issue here. I may gat up to a quarter second ‘flash’ of a zero balance on opening from cold but that’s it.

No issues switching between tabs.

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Yeah no issues like this for me. I’m on the latest version of iOS and the Monzo app. I have reinstalled the app once as well (just in case that helps clear things out? I’m not sure how iOS Caches work but I tend to uninstall an app, reboot the phone, then reinstall).

You are generally a new user though i believe?

So possibly because we have a larger datset on the feed this could be causing a problem :man_shrugging:

Where ive really been noticing it is i have a few daily transfers and one first load of the day it can take maybe 10 seconds for all these to adjust shall we say :thinking:


Yeah could be the dataset for sure. I’ve only been a user for a couple of months.

Which points even more to better caching/management of the data.

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Also having this issue, app is painfully slow with customer service chat, loading my transactions and verifying my identity with customer services. The app is getting a lot worse at least on my device, doesn’t change on WiFi or Mobile network. Reinstalled the app and rebooted in between and neither improved it

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Ive noticed pot totals have become really slow to update.

And also sometimes my feed is slow to load the transactions and when it does load sometimes itll show the transaction twice. A force close and reopen fixes the duplication but still annoying

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I don’t understand why new Monzo Chat messages aren’t autoloaded when you open Monzo Chat - all the information appears in the notification so why isn’t it also loaded into Monzo Chat when the notification comes through?

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Yeah it’s a strange choice, the app is getting worse. It’s my only banking app that has issues, I really hope they fix it soon as I never had this problem

Just replying to keep this discussion open. The iOS app in its current format is unbearably slow (in particular, updating the transactions screen & balance), both on WiFi and 4G. I haven’t tested to see if there is a difference in load times between the two connections though.

It’s the same for me. Painfully slow; I have stopped using the app where I can, and using the widget to check my balance.