iOS App very sluggy?

Hi I have been using the iOS Monzo app for many months now. I have noticed just lately it seems to really lag between switching tabs and swiping with horrible judder.

Are Monzo aware of this and are they trying to fix? Make using the app not a very nice experience.

It’s reported now and then but people find that if they uninstall the app, restart their phone and then re-install the app - this usually sorts it :slight_smile:

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I’m on iPhone 8 and I haven’t noticed any problems with performance. Even last year when people there a number of people complaining it wasn’t an issue for me then either

Thanks, i’ll give this a try.

Mine (on iPhone XS Max on iOS 12.4) froze a few times yesterday - and took a while to unfreeze. Even hard-closing the app didn’t solve the issue - nor did rebooting.

However, it seems to be working better today, and I managed not to reinstall.

I get this a lot. Plus various other bugs that monzo are aware of but still haven’t fixed. I flat out refuse to uninstall anymore because it’s a joke how many times monzo think it’s acceptable to do that :joy:

It was my suggestion and I don’t work for Monzo :smiley:

More often than not, this fixes many other issues that likely haven’t surfaced with the OS and other apps too.:slight_smile:

If you don’t want to do this, that’s fine. There are other tools available to help you keep on top of device management and maintenance.


Yeh I know, but it is also monzo’s go to suggestion lol

It doesn’t really have anything to do with device management or maintenance, an app shouldn’t need to be deleted and reinstalled every week to function lol

I find it take ages (~ 1-2 mins) to update the transaction feed on good WiFi (over 50 Mbps) and also on 4G mobile data.

Also, unsure why feed items, Monzo Chat messages and account balance aren’t updated when the notification comes through.

I don’t see the same people on here week in week out reporting this, so I think you might be exaggerating just a tad :rofl: :wink:

It absolutely is to do with maintenance. Android have a decent feature built in that helps with this and I’m sure there will be an equivalent for iOS too :+1: It helps my other apps when they get sluggish and non-responsive - such as Facebook and Google Adsense to name a few :slight_smile:

Yeh that’s what people on here say all the time “I don’t see loads of other people talking about it so you must be lying”. Yawn.

I don’t see people saying this on here all the time :joy:

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I never said they’re lying, just that you were massively exaggerating which doesn’t help anyone :slight_smile:

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Genuinely on every thread I’ve ever commented on.

Not even slightly exaggerating.

If you’re having an issue it’s probably because you refuse to reinstall any app combined with poor device maintenance. I still can’t find topics on here of people complaining that they need to do this every week :man_shrugging:

I didn’t actually say that there were lots of people specifically saying they had to reinstall every week, I said that is what I get told by monzo because rather than create an app that is stable and well built - they would rather you just deleted and reinstalled.

I feel so sorry for you if you think this is normal for a device because it 100% is not, and it just shows you how easily manipulated into doing “maintenance” you are. Technology for years has been capable of running without the need for a reboot of a reinstall on a regular basis. It is poor coding, and lazy construction that means that we, the consumer, become the QA and maintenance team. I see this across the board in the industry that I work in, companies use consumers now to QA their products instead of taking the time and effort to create something that just works.

How often do you need to restart your PC or do you leave it on 24/7? :wink:

I can tell that you don’t have a technological background, not only from this reply but from others you’ve made in this topic. To avoid this going further off topic and deflecting from the real issue, let’s leave it here :smiley:

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I have a Mac and I never need to restart it. I wouldn’t buy a PC for that exact reason and also for the reasons previously mentioned in this thread, same with an android.

I’ve also worked in technology for years, it’s what I have a degree in but nice deflection in support of monzo.

The “delete and re-install” line is nearly always the first response to anyone having issues (both said by customers on the forum and staff members to an issue).

I’ve personally had to do it 2 or 3 times in my 3 years of being a Monzo customer, so I can live with it.

I don’t feel like the stability of the app is great, and I find that one bug fix tends to introduce more problems half the time…

But would I know about these problems were it not for the forum? A lot of the time… no.

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